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  1. I don't like washing bare clay on domestic ware whether it is for serving or cooking. So I cut foot rings. They look better and allow most of the base to be glazed. The only disadvantage of the foot ring is its tendency to collect grotty water in the dishwasher. I cut V shaped chinks in the foot ring, but that spoils the look. What I would like is the foot ring on a plastic mug I own. It has a foot ring of tiny half domes, but I can't think of any way to apply them efficiently to thrown cups. Any ideas?
  2. I don't use a lot of water until I start glazing. My cold water tap is in the yard outside and before I start potting I fill up a number of soft drink bottles with water and spread them around the studio. I have a bucket of water for washing my hands and I use spray bottles a lot to dampen and as a substitute for running water.
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