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  1. pictures don't show it but in some pieces there is an iridescent/metallic quality in areas,  i had others use it and didn't get same effect.   i pulled from kiln onto news paper, placed more newspaper, closed lid on trash/redux can...... repeat

  2. Unfortunately in not my pot / bowl/cup. I gave some clay to a friend. I did make the clay. It's the dick lehman 12d* slightly modified. I'll still take partial credit. I got same effect on parts of plates. But it's pretty spectacular what this clay does. Thanks


  3. Please no insult intended.!!! No flak intended.

    Gaijin was used more as a term for foreigner/outsider not an insult. While I have spent some time studying, although Asian I too am gaijiin.


    The key is you love making them. And that energy will show in the pots. And yunomi is more casual than chawan, which is less formal than ceremonial chawan.

    I've seen some chawan in museum collection. Looking at them they had a holy grail,like quality.... In that they looked like the "carpenters cup" metaphorically speaking. Simple cups. And to most no magic there. But to the initiated WOW........


    I learned this from John b. Drink tea out your cups. Learn about tea....bring your yunomi to japanese, chineese, korean restaurants. Watch others more familiar with team reaction and comments. Keep one with you , or close at all times, drink more tea, become intimately familiar with form and use. A cup is more than the out side. That's why I asked to see more. Like I said I'd enjoy and be proud owning one. (((Maybe arrange trade).


    Photo wise I love the shallow depth of field the natural background.try getting large piece of foam core, large white card..... Bigger than you think you need. And or black card, Or sheet. Or combination of black and white. Remember that with reflective items you photographing reflection. Pm me we can talk more photo.


    “We mold clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that makes the vessel useful.†Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu


  4. I don't think your yunomi is boring, or nothing special?

    It does have movement and flavor. I dig the finger marks or drips. The glare is distracting , looks like reflection of house. I like the nature background and shallow depth of field. I'd like to see images with less light hitting house.

    Shooting reflective objects isn't easy. Sorry for photo tangent, past life....

    I'd to see Foot, lip,...mikomi, chadamari,kodai, mikomi. If you don't know these words maybe you should.


    I'm trying to see why some would make "nothing special" statement. Ok at first glance I ask myself, is it japanese/ Asian influenced, or more so is it tea influenced, Has the maker drank 1000 cups of tea. From a yunomi. I'm not saying a gaijin can't make meaningful relevant pottery. But understanding more than the form and shape will make your work more meaningful. So un fortunately I do think this is a bit of gaijin about it. While large feet are acceptable , this kodai is out of proportion not necessarily in size but out of proportion regarding style.


    I'm not slamming you yunomi I'd proudly own it.

    From kodai up it pretty f

    Straight forward design, color hard to tell but white grey ish. So far leads me to expect a form with formal design principle.......

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