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  1. the cup of water, bag submerge, didn't work for me... ill try it again
  2. Contraction inequalities due to un even drying secondary to inadequate compression . Slowing down drying and turn plates to facility even drying ito top and bottom surfaces?
  3. i have used the standard lightweight shopping bags from market, but double bagged the pugs. found some Ice bags... then found ice bags on line for least cost. i've seen a technique where they use One larger gusseted bag from uline excess bag ends up doubling the protection with one bag, if i recall this bag size was approximatey 30 cents, i use empty coolers, or just stack pugs in closet
  4. curious why they were bisque fired at such a high temp?
  5. I'm thinking. Wild stab here. Re bisque piece to hold glaze. Save piece till next wood firing. Another thought the Troy clay( I understand my recipe a derivative of) is pretty reactive with out glaze, so washing is an option. but even washing will leave some residue of original glaze. Did you mean bisque at 5 or 05?
  6. two small burns on right forearm.... healing nicely..... battle scars/souvenirs i've participated with catenary, anagama, train, and manbigama wood firings... i love them all. have found kilns have different "personalities", they also respond to firing leader's emotions, good progress when well rested, up and down when nervous, up hill battle when tired...... it always interesting to participate , zen like, when firing team is tune with each other and the kiln
  7. +1 what neil said ^^^ i can only spiral wedge one way but have tried both directions on wheel .... no issue. also have tested rams head wedge , from multiple directions... no issue i think the cone up and down is most important....
  8. Hey don't give out the secret recipe..... Yes pretty much same recipe... I up the spirt or other thinner to get a deeper penetration on earlier coats. But finish with thirds..... I really like the way. Walnut finishes with the danish oil.... I also use it in all my wood pottery tools
  9. Love it Ron... I looking for some scrap pieces right now .... thinking sanding and my home made danish oil mix...... what Size drill bit fit the chop stick?
  10. So I had a bag of grit spill on the porch, I cleaned up most of it    turns out my cats,   one is named  shino,  likes the fine grit dirt bath...  I let them out in backyard today, when I called them in, yes they come when called,  they had some gray dust on them ....Well they found the spot where I had spilled some Alberta  slip.....  high class kitties..... regular dirt is no longer good enough.....


  11. made glazes toaday

    1. glazenerd


      On my agenda for tomorrow. 

    2. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      on my agenda for every single day of the future. = )

  12. I've seen where wads are placed one day (relatively fresh) then fired the the next day and in a few cases within a few hours.. most of the wood firings had a slow ramp but great question!! Physical water starts leaving at 212F so if your being careful. Hold around there or slightly higher, chemical at 1000f ish im curious because the wadding reipies ive used are a bit loose with organic material, sawdust, rice hulls, coarse sand, and nowhere near compressed , and rarely if ever more than 3/8 inch thick ... I'm thinking the "looseness" of the wads allows water to escape in a non explosive manner. i look forward to the leaned minds comments
  13. Exhausted ... wood firing today!!

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    2. Biglou13


      not a satisfying firing.   learned much. overall poor results.


    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Those are the best firings sometimes. 

    4. Biglou13


      i agree joseph F   there were a few treats...  i post pics soon



  14. i'm a wood and red i'm getting short ribs tomorrow....
  15. ty brian cool rig.... is it motorized or do you turn by hand? i did think of drum and roll it around in back yard.... trying to keep it simple i think ill just keep slurry/blunge in a couple of trash cans then dry and pug i like the quality of clay that way i've started reducing bentonite
  16. joseph..... you should play with some lizella its practically a local clay for you !!!! a bet less iron than red art but ive got some amazing results with it
  17. nerd thanks for reply... i use the largest paint stirrer from home depot/lowes attached to drill, in large garbage can/s, i'm not confident that this mixes ingredients well especially where stirrer doesn't reach. when i slurry mix my clay,( thick but pourable), i mix all ingredients in large trash can (44 gal brute) then use large paint stirrer attached to drill to mix dry ingredients minus bentonite, i now pre blunge the bentonite. then mix that into larger quantity of water the day of, then add dry ingredients to water/bentonite while mixing, then dry to pugable stage then pug. i've never pre mixed nep sy in my clay nor in my glazes either. Now i'm curious if i can get by without your advice.... and if it will improve my clay? I'm curious about your technique? what does migration of salts look like? do you have link for your paddle?
  18. after many different signatures, I've settled on scratching my initials LEC, well a simplified version. i do like your ink brush sig. started with strict straight lines, it is now evolving into looser more fluid lines, (when i remember to sign), some time i use initials as large decorative elements ala koie ryoji, customers have asked me what the grass meant on pots, turns out some one found me via web search on face book so i suppose its getting web searchable. i use a golf pencil, pen, but my favorite is a porcupine quill that i was gifted. (here is a pic of kurinuki (hollowing out) yunomi/ sake cup, self made clay, wood fired)
  19. I'd love to see pictures of your noborigama! Joseph F ......I've be lurking a bit .... now trying to get back to more clay! here is a wood fire kiln question... Is it possible to have to large or too tall a chimney, making kiln / flame movement too fast or too much draft? or too large exit flue/sutema (sp)? i've only fired a few different styles of wood fire kiln, the active damper (kiln shelf) was only open from less than inch to 2 at best and was drafting fine.
  20. i've been using a walker to reclaim and make clay my preferred method is to slurry mix.... dry slurry .... pug i was thinking about using it as a mixer then pug. i was thinking about making a approx 500 pound batch. how would you blend large quantity of dry ingredients, so i could just scoop it into walker? how many pounds dry components would walker hopper hold, if making hopper sized batches of clay? what plastic bags do you use for storing?
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