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  1. Your pictures all look great! Good job!
  2. at one time I used clear packing tape and that did a superb job, I might just reach for a rubber glove next time. j
  3. Just threw a mug and left the lip alone, much better looking. I love a chubby lip, and I think I overwork the lip trying for a nice curve and chamois it to death bringing to much grog to the surface. Bad habits are hard to break, and this one ive been doing for ever. Ouch, I wish it was the glaze. Thanks everyone for taking the time to give input!!!! juli
  4. Well, yes, it does happen with all three clays I use,,Trinity 6,and two Armadillo clays, a brown and a white. The glazes are nutmeg, (pretty stable)l, and butterscotch over rutile blue(pretty runny). Now that Ive said it happen with all my clays, and glazes, It might be my throwing.
  5. My stoneware mugs seem to be having major issues with their lips. Instead of the glaze breaking smooth over the lip it is rough and grainy just at the edges. Im not sure if this is a throwing flaw from the chamois taking away too much clay leaving the lip rough or a glazing issue where the glaze breaks. Either way, I must fix it because its not acceptable. Lips appear smooth after throwing, and I sponge my 04 bisque before glazing. Firing to cone 6. Hope someone has an answer! juli
  6. Just wanted to say hi, and its nice always to have a new friend. Holler back sometime. juli

  7. out standing! I wish it was my creation! great signiture pieces. *)
  8. you have a great eye for glaze combo's. amazing. I recognize the work from previous pictures, and I know its yours.....that says a lot. I wish I had something that said "ME".. keep it up!!!!!
  9. my favorite cup is the altered cup, but the glaze on this one is makes me want to embrace it, and get to know it better. I really like them all, but those two are my fav's.
  10. I like it when I see something and think....I have a place for that in my house! Great job!! juli
  11. All I can say is amazing!!! I have been a fan since the first time I saw them on this site! juli
  12. Cool!! Great attention to detail with all your tools! Juli
  13. Lovely ribs. I especially like this one, because of the large hole and the second hole. I hate it when my ribs slip out of my hand. I am sure this would never happen with these!' Nice job! juli
  14. I wanted to tell you how beautiful your "mistake celadon" and pot

    is. I am sure it looks even better in person. Hope some day to achieve a mistake like yours! juli

  15. Missing your post, let us know what you have been up to!


  16. I love this bowl. Beautiful foot!
  17. I love this white tea pot too!!! Love the colors on the handle. Very original, and beautiful too!
  18. also randy's red has 13,302,863 Views

    maybe that is the glaze everyone wants.

  19. has not set their status

  20. Explosion?????????? I have not the faintest idea. You are one brave soul!!
  21. So I spoke with a tech a Mayco. They have never heard of bubbles on bisque from glaze. I know in fact i'm not unique! In the free gift/free download we received yesterday from Emily Reason on this site "Ceramic Tool Techniques; Bringing the ceramic surfaces to life" she quotes, A matte or semi-matte surface suits the character of the pieces. Each pot is dipped in a single glaze. A narrow, deep groove will cause air bubbles to form when the pot is dipped in glaze. So I am not alone in this dilemma. I mentioned the suggestions given on this site, as well as asked about the viscosity of the glaze and measuring it in case that might be the problem, and he said measuring was not necessary since you just mix the right amount of water to dry mix. But I should have used distilled water. I must have missed that in the instructions. Not! He said I must have contaminated the glaze somehow. I must have gotten some soap or something into the glaze from soap on my hands or from washing the bucket but the glaze must be contaminated. I did not get soap in the glaze! Any girl knows from taking bubble baths the one way to ruin a good bubble bath is to drop a bar of soap in the bath! BUBBLES disappear!!! Instantly! So its my fault, and every suggestion I mentioned from this site was not the cause. I am going to try all your tips and remix the glaze batch with my electric mixer like I did when I mixed the glaze the first time. I did not use the elec. mixer in subsequent batches just used a slotted spoon. Clean, but just rinsed in water not soap. Juli
  22. I will try your ideas about not letting the glaze dry out between dips. I always wonder how other potter organize their glazing process since I have not watched others glaze. Since all my glazes are about the same color I does get confusing as to which pot has been dipped in what gaze and when. When I start making notes and finding the piece in my journal by the time I look back for the next piece Im not sure where it is or what I was doing. I would love to watch other to see how they organize the whole process!! Do most of you use tongs, or fingers to hold pieces and if you use your hands what do you use to get rid of finger marks? Brush, finger ect..? juli
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