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  1. I have incorporated a small amount of ashes into urns, and had no problem with the bisque firing. I never did a glaze firing because I finished them with acrylics. Each person got one piece with loose ashes inside, and this piece was "released" at a site that meant something to my nephew, and they also got a piece to keep, that had some of the ashes wedged right into the clay.
  2. Hey, thanks so much for replying. My brother took it apart and wiggled and jiggled and poked and prodded, and voila, it is firing right now, even as we "speak"! .............cher
  3. Hi Again I posted a couple days ago, looking for manuals, found lots on the 'net, plus scored one from my local Pottery Supply Store. All set to do my first test fire, have the Cone in the Cone Holder/Rod position, but the Plunger button won't stay locked in place. This is an OLD kiln, maybe 15 years old, and does not have a timer (I saw that setting the timer to 20 hours and THEN pushing the plunger might "clear" the problem, but since I don't have a timer, this is not an option for me). Any clue if it's worth having this fixed? Or is it a biggie and not worth fixing?
  4. Wow, that is SO generous, thanks much. However, I did, in fact, contact, EvenHeat and they were amazingly helpful. The person I was dealing with emailed me a PDF file for the kiln sitter, and from what I can gather off the 'net, using/loading an electric kiln is pretty much the same, regardless of the brand. I'm really happy to hear that your EvenHeat kiln is working so well. I'm hoping to try a test fire some time today! Again, thanks so much!........................cher
  5. Hey all I'm a Brand new neophyte to the pottery gang, and have just purchased a second-hand EvenHeat Kiln w/Kiln Sitter and am trying to find a user guide. I've tried the EvenHeat website, but they don't post their manuals, alas. Does anyone know a site that I could download the user guide from? It's 220v, the woman I bought it from said it's definitely cone 6 and might fire at cone 10. I say that like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't, except in very vague terms. (put cone in kiln sitter, cone melts, sitter turns off??) She said she paid about $1500 new, I think it's about 6-10 years old. I got it for $250. Might be a good deal, who knows.......................cher
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