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  1. Thanks Janie. Unfortunately I had a shelf fall on two fish and completely broke off a fin on one and the tail of another. Clean breaks, though! I can't wait to try the paper clay made with the magic water. Julie
  2. Thanks so much. I have read the term "magic water" before, but never bothered to find out what it was. Now I know, and will definitely try it! Julie
  3. Thanks Lyn. You are giving me hope. Now, just what is "magic water"? Julie
  4. Is it possible to repair a clean break on a piece of bisqued pottery....and re-fire?
  5. I am satisfied with the Krylon UV glossy spray for my luster glazes, but not the matte spray on my matte glazes. It seems to darken them and dull the colors. I will try the beeswax on the matte glazes next. Also, the least expensive beeswax to be found here in the US is the ring that which is used for seating toilets! Pure beeswax. I use it for wood.....another tip from my building contractor partner.
  6. My newest experiment is going to be to use deck sealer for UV protection. My building contractor partner swears it will work. I just worry that something will take away the luster and dull the piece.
  7. No, I have never used anything on my raku pieces. I remember reading an article many years ago and the author chose not to seal any of his raku work. He referred to the "aging" of the glaze and I thought, well, just like a beautiful woman ages beautifully......but now I would like to keep some of the color. I have watched my fireplace tiles "age beautifully" (2007 to now) and think they had more variety in color as the light in the room changed at the beginning.......but they are still beautiful. Will definitely try the show was and different types of sealers. Thanks.
  8. Again, thank you so much. I think my work has just been kicked up a notch!! Julie
  9. Thank you so much, Marcia. I love your work. Now, where do you buy this acrylic UV protector? I also do a lot of plaques and am often asked if they can be used outside. I can definitely increase my sales if I can find this protectant. Julie
  10. They would probably say, "Too bad her raku glazes didn't hold up to the weather, because her wall hangings look great. . . . . . but it looks like her vessels still have some uneven walls".
  11. I am curious about what, if any, sealants are being used for raku glazes. I know that Jasco Ceramic Tile Silicon Grout Sealer is mentioned in "Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques" (Watkins and Wandless). I would like to hear the pros and cons from those who use sealers.
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