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  1. I've been teaching ceramics at local craft schools for 11 years. Sometimes a student will some along and just not grasp centering and pulling up in the usual time frame or will keep trying to pull up on the left side of the wheel. Often, I find that the person is left handed. When this happens, we move to the clockwise rotation. As the instructor, I am very hands on and will more than likely grab on to hands so they can feel the pressure. When a left handed, clockwise student comes along, this becomes much harder. Although my ability to help dwindles, the student's ability to throw usually jumps up a notch or two, making the switch worth it!
  2. Corinda, I use Tucker's Clay from Ontario, Canada. It's called mid porcelain 5. It has great hand building and throwing qualities. I've found it to be quite stable within the cone 5 - 7 range. Brooke
  3. While I enjoy making teapots, I find ewers quick to make and the size allows me to experiment!
  4. taking pictures of her recent work.

  5. Brooke•Millecchia


    Wheel thrown and hand built cups. Porcelain with various underglazes, brushwork, terra sig, mixed media, and glaze.
  6. Thank you! Yes, Amaco underglazes of various intensity. The less intense colors are a watered down version of the original. The top and inside are glazed with clear.
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