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  1. Marcia, I love your work and had no idea it also includes experience & research with crystalline glazes. Amamzing! In my next cone 9.5 firing this wk, I am attempting for the 1st time to grow halos. But I am frustrated by too many crystals. Although beautiful, they are stacked on top of one another and I have very little background color. Trying for more background, I am planning to decreasing the zinx oxide by 1% in my base glaze. What is your opinion on that? And do you have any suggestions concerning halos? I was guessing in my 4 hr. hold @2050, I'd ramp up & down the temp 4 times/1 hr each. This firing I am attempting to change 2 variables; holding schedule & less zinc ox. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dorie
  2. Hi, Im somewhat new to Crystalline glazes and wonder, is anyone using crystallines or have you in the past,? I've had some very fun results lately and can't always explain the why. I'm reading and researching every day, firing at least weekly... and find them just facinating. Thanks, Dorie
  3. Thanks Marcia. I'm excited to try this soft, yellow glaze. I also appreciate your postings in general even when it doesn't apply to me at the moment. :0) dorie
  4. I just opened my first cone 6 ox glaze load with controlled cooling to 1700 degrees. WOWEE! Thanks folks!! Dorie
  5. Just beautiful! Love the glaze work. Thanks for the peak. Dorie
  6. I forgot to give you my email address for the pictures of your pots. doriecronin@gmail.com Thanks again.
  7. Thanks for your kind response. Yes, I'd like to see your pix if you'd forward them.
  8. I have Mastering Cone 6 Glazes and like some of the glazes. I'll read about firing schedules and also,keep in mind, there is no one right answer. Research and experimenting are a fun and valuable part of claywork.
  9. I'm looking to liven up my cone 6 ox. glazes. Do you controll your glaze cool-down? If so, can you share your schedule? How are the results different from just turning it off? Thanks, dorie
  10. I am interested in soda sprays and florids you mentioned. I've had some really nice results spraying ferric chloride (no reduction after) at 1300-1100degrees. but havent tried others. Thanks, Dorie
  11. I love the lidded vessel! Also your Terra Sig recipe is now our favorite. It keeps such a nice shine.
  12. Thanks everyone for the info, opinions and links. I currently fire to cone 6-9 electric and wanted to have a little downdraft gas kiln because I believe the glazes look more lively & after seeing a clip from Simon Leach, it looked easy enough! lol. Although I have a programable kiln I don't control the cool-down but would like to look into that further. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks again dorie
  13. I've been given an old electric Skutt, 1 size smaller than the 1027. I'm interested in removing the elements and adding 2 weed burners for cone 10 reduction. I'm in need of advice on converting and firing. Thanks much, Dorie
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