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  1. I have been creating lots of sculptures with some raku clay that I bought at a local gallery. Most of them are still wrapped to keep them from drying, but I really need to get them hollowed out. It may be a month or two before I can fire them. After they are dry, is there a time limit on how long they can sit there before I can no longer fire them? I mean, say a year goes by, can I still fire them? It wont be a year, but you never know. I may find a piece thats been sitting around for long time. I've seen some great raku sculptures, and I can't wait to get mine fired, but like
  2. Thanks everyone for the advice. I've wanted to try my hand at sculpture since I was young, but never had the chance. Now, after being a artist (Pastel, watercolor etc) for many years I am finally ready to take the plunge - I want to take my art to the next level. I've actually been watching tons of videos on youtube, and kept avoiding Raku, but turns out that seems the most interesting after seeing some of the results. However, I have looked around and there isn't much in the way of classes in my town. There is an art gallery around every corner, and artists everywhere but few of them know any
  3. I've been sculpting with air dry clay, and well I would really like to move on to something that allows me more freedom. After reading posts, articles, and watching ton of videos I think I'm more lost then ever. I really just need to start with the basics because what I have now is a smattering of information but no way to apply it. Why does one fire? I thought it was to cook the clay, but now I understand that you dry the clay first, then fire it. <-- an example of the basics that I would like to know. I was thinking of building my own kiln but after reading "Homemade Kiln Plans
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