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  1. We are a small potteryshop here in Genoa Ohio where we have been doing the Majolica process for going on 30 years now! As all us "Majolicans" know that they stopped mining the Nytal talc and all these clay bodies have been switching to the Texas Talc. Upon hearing of this news, we bought out about two years worth of Standards 105 White that still had the Nytal. Now as our supply quickly runs out...the testing process (and panicking) begins. We currently mix our own white glossy majolica glaze that consists of zircopax, silica, neph syn, epk, and 3124 frit. To keep the glaze suspended longer, we have recently been adding Glaze Rite (or Old Hickory #1). When testing clays with the texas talc, or no talc at all, we have been having very very very bad shivering problems! Please help!!! Does anyone know of clay that would be similar to our old clay...or any majolica recipes that are glossy and fit with the texas talc? We recently had to adjust this glaze to go with the nytal clay because it was causing us shivering (less frit and more neph syn) but it caused us to fire hotter, and is not that high of glossiness as we have had in the past!
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