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  1. I used to make ceramic earrings years ago. At first I didn't glaze the backs but I didn't like the look of one side being unglazed so, I started putting one very thin coating of glaze on the backs as well. The stilts that I used did not get embedded into the ceramic pieces and having glaze on two sides makes the earrings easier to clean.
  2. I have recently purchased a kiln with the same Bartlett model V6-CF controller. You can use the 'Vary Fire Mode' (on the left side of the panel) to write your own program for the bisque as well as the glaze firings. It is just one of the many features of the Bartlett V6-CF.
  3. No, my wheel faces a doorway and there is a doorway behind me and a table to my right and a window beyond that for northern light but it is facing west. Shouldn't this post be in the weekly question for CAD? Have your wheel where it feels most comfortable for you. There are no set equipment placements and the layout is for your comfort.
  4. No, not location, but education. Next time say,"No I have my own studio." Then give a business card.
  5. Why must you do this, are these the only glazes available to you?
  6. Don't save the bad ones--I sure don't want to be represented solely by my mistakes. Study your mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and then smash them. No!! Wait! I purchased a book solely about 'wasters' and they can be wonderful and museums dedicate entire study halls to them. If you do not think the 'ugly' work is good now it will be a thousand years from now. Many of the ancient wares are wasters. There are excavations going on in many areas of the world trying to uncover wasters. Just knowing that the work I am doing now will possibly be around for someone to see thou
  7. I agree save some for your self and save some for future archaeologists. Bury some of the pots some where they will love you for it. You can always make pavers by embedding big chunks of fired ware into concrete (there are molds you can buy). Sorry if there are errors in this post I am doing this from my phone.
  8. The most important thing is to limit the amount of dust that you will create. You have to determine the best texture for your carving. Try carving at different 'water content textures' and see what feels best to you. Get a spray bottle just incase you may need to add a little water.
  9. Success for me is envisioning a project, sketching, planning, making the project and it comes out exactly as envisioned.
  10. What I usually do after opening a bag of clay, fresh or not, I take what I need out of the bag then give the inside of the clay bag a misty spray of water from a spray bottle. The water hits the clay surface and the interior of the bag, I fold the bag and turn it to allow the remaining clay to hold down the opening.
  11. I think the painting is an ad like "shop Bloomingdales' it's like no other store in the world!" or 'find it at Macy's!' When I try drinking from the vessel holding it like the persons in the painting the only one that is holding the cup believably is the young girl. To imitate the others drinking tea makes maneuvering the cups with tea in it difficult. I think this artist was a painter like Toulouse-Lautrec he painted ads for businesses. I have no proof of this but he was obviously 'talking' to someone and saying, 'Look at what we have!' Also there are three persons and 4 cups of tea, maybe
  12. The Kiln has no model number but the name 'Olympic Doll/Test Kiln'. On the Big Ceramic Store link it just says 'DOLL' There are two controllers available and you have to decide which one you want and be sure to specify it when you order. Also something they don't tell you in the manual, I had to call Olympic to find out what it was, there is a fuse compartment on the side of the controller the fuse may burn out and need replacing. The fuses are readily available from Radio Shack, Amazon,etc. They are inexpensive. The little kiln is cooling down now from a firing this am. I started it
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