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  1. I need some advice about platter related matters. I recently threw 10 platters that started with 3kg to 4 kg of stoneware (Continetal Clay Buff Stone Ware with Ochre), and 2 havecracked in the middle during drying after trimming the foot rings. I had trimmedthem a little wetter than I typically like but had time constraints as usualand felt they were sufficiently firm for trimming. After trimming I put theplatters on ware boards and covered them with plastic sheeting (formerlykitchen garbage bags). For certain the rims were a bit dryer than the center sothere was some moisture disequilibrium, but no more than any other time in thepast. No matter what I do, it seems I lose about 20 to 30% of these plattersabove 15 inches. I am very compulsive about compressing the base as Ithrow. Does anyone have a secret tosuccess with larger platters? Or should I plan for loss and just be happy it’snot half of



    This, or some variation of this is something most of us have experienced. Your clay body might be more prone to drying cracks than others, but, Try cutting a round hole in the plastic bag (on the top, in the center)about 4 to 6 inches wide and this should encourage more even drying. If that doesn't work try a different clay body. Geoffrey Borr- "chilpot"- Chilmark pottery

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