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  1. I've been throwing on and off for a few years, and I just recently bought a new brent wheel. I've certainly been able to center and successfully throw basic forms, but for some reason I've been having trouble consistently getting pieces centered and don't know if its me or the wheel. I seem to encounter the most problems when trying to open. I get it seemingly centered, and then as soon as I begin to open up it goes off center. I've tried opening several different ways and it always gets off center. I don't know if its the wheel, or if the clay isn't totally centered before opening, or if I'm opening incorrectly. Also, does anyone of of a fool-proof way of making sure the lump of clay is perfectly centered before opening. I go by sight and feel, but perhaps there is more exacting method. Thanks
  2. I got a bunch of old bats for free but I haven't been able to get anything centered on them. I can center easily directly on the wheel head, but for some reason I can't ever get it centered on any of the bats. Is it the bats or am I now using them correctly? some of them are half inch thick cork-like material and the other is a thinner masonite-type one. I used the brand new plasti-bat that came with my wheel once with no problem, but now I can't get anything centered on that either. Maybe they're all slightly warped?
  3. Anyone know of an earthenware clay that fires yellow? Can't find any on the large commercial clay suppliers' websites.
  4. I believe I need to replace the motor in my EnviroVent 2 system. I read on here that it can be replaced with a generic motor. Does anyone have a link to an appropriate motor?
  5. It mounts on the wall...what exactly needs replacing? Thanks for your help
  6. I went ahead and bought it. All the elements looked great--weren't corroded or lying down or rusted. Resistance was in range. Got 9 full shelves, a half shelf, bunch of posts. He was giving away tons of cork bats, tools, & a scale too. I took the motor but not sure that it works. Makes a full buzzing sound when turned on. It's a skutt brand vent. Anyone know if these are fixable?
  7. Could anyone familiar with used kiln prices give me any info about the value of a Skutt KM 1027? The one I want to buy is approximately 10 years old. The exterior looks great and the interior bricks look intact, although from the picture I notice spots of discoloration. I'd upload the photo but can't do it from my mobile device. They're asking $1100 for the kiln and selves w/ vent. So put another's way, what condition should it be in for it I be worth their asking price? Also, anyone familiar with this model have any idea how to test the resistance of the elements? Skutt's instructions were vague and unhelpful, and the ohm readings in their instruction don't match up with a chart they also have on their website with all the resistance measurements for the different models. If I can't figure out how to test the elements' resistance, how could I check them by turning the kiln on? It's a programmable control so I don't think I can just switch it on high for 10 minutes. If I do turn it on to test the elements, how long do I have to wait for it to cool before I can dissemble it and load it into my car? Thanks Kyle
  8. I want to install a 240V, 48 Amp Skutt KM-1027. The voltage reading at my receptacle is about 227-228 volts. Is this an abnormally low reading for a 240 V receptacle?
  9. Thanks, I'm leaning toward buy it. The equipment belonged to her deceased mother, so she doesn't have a 6-50 outlet to plug it into. I have to off looks alone.
  10. Hello- I found a kiln on craigslist I'd like to purchase, however, I'd have to drive several hundred miles to pick it up. (It's a very good deal. $850 for an L&L Easy Fire E23-S-3 along with a slab roller and shimpo 1/3 hp M250 wheel). Therefore, I want to be sure its in working order before I drive all that way. I've attached a photo of the interior of the kiln. Can anyone tell me if the condition of the brick and elements looks up to par? This is my first kiln so I'm not exactly sure how it should look. Thanks, Kyle
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