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  1. I've decided to make my own splash guard for trimmings out of a plastic container....worked pretty well!
  2. I need a splash guard for my brent wheel and my clay boss wheel for production pottery. Any suggestions? Also, what is a good way to contain trimmings from the wheel? Are there any splash guards made just for trimming?
  3. I usually water down my glaze that I spray to a cream consistency and over compensate by spraying a few layers. Also make sure your glaze is mixed and screened really well so it does not clog up the spray gun.
  4. I used the same batch of glaze left over from a month ago. I mixed it well, but I will definitely try straining it again next time. Also the zinc was not calcined so I will try that as well too! the Firing was done in an L&L E23T-3 electric kiln. Thank you so much for the support!
  5. sometimes it spins, but most of the time the foot pedal doesn't seem to be communicating with the wheel
  6. Sorry my picture won't upload! I really appreciate the responses. I'll try to describe the piece.....its a white plastic piece about 6 inches long. Triangular shaped with 'teeth' on one end. The teeth seem to be worn down. Sometimes when I press down on the foot pedal is works, but most of the time the wheel just simply doesn't spin. If this part cannot be replaced, should I get a new foot pedal? where can this be ordered? I'm a newbie!
  7. I'm having trouble posting the picture.....I think its necessary for everyone to see. any suggestions? it says server failed The firing was done in a brand new (only fired 20 times) L&L E23-T3 electric kiln. My programmed firing schedule is 4 segments: 1. 150 degrees F / hour to 250 degrees F. no hold 2. 300 degrees F / hour to 2200 degrees F. no hold 3. 108 degrees F / hour to 2345 degrees F. no hold 4. 325 degrees F / hour to 2000 degree F. hold for 4 hours My last 3 firings with this schedule and the four chosen glazes have been successful. Now my 4th firing with the same glazes has failed : All 4 of the glazes bubbled, turned matte and one glaze is now flaking off. I used high fire b-mix with grog (same clay used in successful crystalline firings) All 14 pieces were bisque fired at cone 08 the glaze was sprayed on thick The thing that really blows my mind is that 1 out of 14 pieces was successful! and its actually one of the most beautiful crystalline results i've ever gotten! That specific recipe I used on 7 pieces in that firing. 6 bubbled with no crystals and is matte, 1 crystallized and become glossy and smooth. That recipe is Lithium carb .1%, zinc oxide (not calcined) 30%, fusion frit 75 (ferro 3110) 44.9%, silica 25%, bentonite 1%, nickel oxide 2% In the kiln I had 2.5 layers of work, one of the shelves was placed close to the middle thermocouple....could this have effected the firing? but still how could one piece still be successful?? really appreciate all your support! I do not want to give up on crystalline, I think its worth all the struggle!
  8. I bought a used Creative Industries, Clay Boss electric wheel. The foot pedal is now malfunctioning. It seems like I need to replace this specific piece. Not sure where I should order this or what it is called. I have not gotten any responses from Speedball.
  9. After three successful crystalline firings with the same 4 glazes, my fourth crystalline firing failed with the exact same firing schedule. I had 14 pieces in the kiln and all of the glazes bubbled and flaked off except for one piece! Any advice on what happened? Why is the glaze matte, flaking off and no crystals? How could 13 of the 14 pieces fail? The picture below is 2 vases with failed glaze and 1 vase with the successful glaze The 3 vases were made with the same clay body, bisque fired at the same temperature and have the same glaze.
  10. wow, just looked into this and purchased a few colors on amazon. i'm trying both the pebeo porcelaine 150 pens and paint. seems to have great reviews and as long as it works, this is exactly what i'm looking for! really appreciate your advice!
  11. I've never tried of even heard of silver leaf, still learning! Is it possible to try this technique on top of an already fired and glazed surface?
  12. I received an order for a special wedding present. A ceramic champagne holder (vase) and champagne glasses, colors are red, white and silver. I was able to achieve a very nice white and red, but am having a really hard time with silver! I fired my piece at cone 9, so there wasn't any options of a silver high fire glaze. I used a silver sharpie pen to create a thin line, which looks really nice, but comes off very easily with water. The small silver accent line is on the outside of the pieces and doesn't necessarily have to be food safe, just permanent! Anyone know of a permanent clear sealer I can apply on top of glaze?? Or a permanent silver paint that will stick on glaze????
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