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  1. Arnold, Are you saying that I could convert my kiln from the 45 amp to a 48 amp kiln? If that is the case what would be required? Thanks Jeff B
  2. I will recheck the readings to confirm the values. I have ordered new top and bottom elements since i know for sure these are bad. The kiln came with four new middle elements in a box so I am tempted to just change them all at once since then I am starting with a known quantity. Thanks to everyone for all your help on educating me on my kiln problem! Thanks, Jeff
  3. I don't have a multimeter that will go to the 45 amp rating that is listed on the kiln. The no load line voltage is 240 volts. The line voltage under full load drops to 234 volts at the plug. I checked the ohms on the elements and have listed them below. 22.2 ohms top 11.6 ohms middle 12.3 ohms middle 11.3 ohms middle 12.9 ohms middle 21.5 ohms bottom I know that the top and bottom should be 18 ohms so they will need to be replaced. The four middle elements should be 11.5 each so they aren’t too far off but should they still be replaced? Would you think that with new elements I would be able to get to cone 6 even with a voltage drop to 234 volts? Thanks, Jeff B
  4. I can check the volts under load but what would be an acceptable value? I thought I had heard that checking ohm values was a better way to check a kiln than using amperes. How would I go about getting a wiring diagram that would give me the ohm values and the amperes values for my kiln which is serial number 283882? Thanks, Jeff
  5. I purchased an older used TnF-24 Paragon kiln recently and added a new AutoFire -3000 controller to it. I test fired a bisque load at cone 04 last week and didn’t have any problems. Yesterday I fired a glaze load to cone 6 and I was getting a firing too slow warning (FTH) out of the controller. It finally stopped at 2161 F degrees with a firing took too long warning (FTL). I sure hope that my glaze firing is not ruined. The elements looked to be in good condition but obviously something is wrong with the kiln. Where should I start to diagnose this problem? Jeff B
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