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  1. It is nice to take victory lap if when a crisis hits you are prepared and able to weather the crisis because of good planning or good luck but for those of you that need help to get through this crisis Don't feel like the situation is hopeless, be sure and explore the programs that will be rolled out to help artist over the next few weeks. There may be outright grants available and/or low and zero interest loans and it may make a great deal of sense for some to take advantage of one of these to weather the crisis and still be in business on the other side of this. Businesses often tap into the
  2. Are those the right glazes for china painting? Have you considered just making your own tiles. Some good youtube video's using basic equipment.
  3. actually you should look this up, 10 is a little below the average over last 30. Of course history does not reflect future so the next 30 could be different. Mostly I was hoping to encourage some to check out the possibilties of saving while your young. The time value of money is amazing it you have a long runway.
  4. I don't think it is hoarding as much as just what it looks like when a crisis causes everyone to put in some essentials if they can't get to the store for a few weeks. Some things like TP is on everyone's list and stores don't stock enough for everyone to buy some at the same time. Went to the store yesterday and lots and lots of people with full carts and empty shelves. No one seemed panicked to me, they just all wanted to have full pantry if the whole family gets the virus and they are laid up for a couple weeks. Also I think lots of people want to just not go out for a while if this virus s
  5. Good share. Plenty of businesses take advantage of business loans in a crisis and stay in business because they did. Taking on too much debt or never taking on any are polarizing debates but I fall on the side of just doing ur homework and make sure the debt you take on makes sense to your business. Not all debt is bad and likewise overspending can sink your business. SBA loans should not involve personal guarantees and l would really try to draw that line. A failed business is just awful emotionally but debts that follow you for years can be crippling. If your business can't get a loan withou
  6. not meaning to get into a financial lecture but (that means ones coming) any young potters out there reading this, time is your best friend. If you are 35 or younger and you put the equivalent of a modest car note in a market fund each month you will be a millionaire when you retire if the market does the same over the next 35 years that it has over the last 50. Time is very powerful for smart 30 somethings. I didn't think I would get old either but I did and you probably will too.
  7. I'm developing a hate relationship with any mold not made out of plaster. I hate using most mold release options and it sure seems to more often than not still have some sticking. Sure its me but sick of trying to perfect it. But a lot of potters have great success so I'm sure its my process and/or impatience. I absolutely hate fussing with something for extended times. Hard to make money on something that takes a lot of fuss. Maybe consider just finding another mold. Lot's of wood hump mold options and I bet you would have less trouble with those than a plastic slump mold (if I read that righ
  8. Feel bad for those of you that will struggle because of this. life is getting real. I work at home and we are using the time to build inventory. one positive of pottery is that x amount of hours have to be spent making stuff so a few weeks of months geared toward inventory can help later. I get of course that if you need this month's revenue to pay bills that won't help. I wish you all well in navigating this crisis.
  9. started out by buying a bluebird mixer and mixing a pretty nice white stoneware for a couple of years. Not a true porcelain recipe but close. I forget his name but recipe was touted by a hippie dude that once streaked naked (or so the rumor goes) at the national convention (NCECA??) a while back. I'm pretty sure he passed away but he was a pretty colorful guy from the sounds of it. Also mixed dozens of glazes. Like a lot of things I do I just went overboard and making clay and glaze, by the time I bought everything bulk, added test kiln, mixer and expensive everything, was very expensive and
  10. at Lowes you can by a sheet of foam insulation pretty cheap.
  11. The problem with the CL free section is that it is just mostly folks who want to re-list it for dough, it would be nice if your moms kilns went to to a potter or potter wannabe instead of someone that will just turn around and sell them. You might list them on this forums marketplace as free. Just go back to the main page and go further down the list of sections. If no one here responds I would check the closest community college and community center and see if they know of a student that might want one.
  12. Are the bottom layer of bricks fire bricks or just pavers?
  13. that is a slick setup. This thread has me motivated. Bought burner, trashcan and some other parts years ago and just keep moving them around. Did you build that cart?
  14. if ya want some instructions: https://makezine.com/2012/06/28/how-to-trashcan-raku-kiln/
  15. ya know I know I'm picking on you a little about the kiln wash but the elements shouldn't be in jeopardy when you are putting it on your shelves. I would suggest when you re-coat your kiln shelves next time take the shelves out the kiln and paint a couple of thin coats on one side and call it good. No need to have liquid kiln wash in your kiln or put it on anything else. If you do find that some is flaking off on any of your pots then dry brush the loose wash off the shelf. The point of the stuff is to keep glaze drops that may run off the pot and stick to your shelf. You prob will need to re-
  16. Great shop. Clay King has also been a great source for us when buying studio equipment.
  17. great thread? Never really thought about this. I have been dumping out my throwing water in yard for years and have never seen any ill effects but I have never let it build up and dump between each session. Never thought about throwing with slip and using porcelain I find too much water is a problem anyway. I'm pretty sure everyone's right and its fine to toss or keep. Clay always seemed too cheap to me to waste too much time trying to recycle but I do re-pug anything that gets tossed off wheel into a bucket and stays soft. Hate dealing with dry clay personally.
  18. One other thing I didn't see discussed is how it will all be held together and attached?
  19. Since the failure rate is likely to be high from one section to the next you might consider building and firing section one after another instead of at the same time so you can make minor adjustments as u go. If the shrinkage is kind of all over the place and you build and move all the parts together from worktable to glaze then it might be more of a pain to match in replacement parts for the failures. Just a thought. Sounds like a fun project, good luck with it. Hope you share your experiences and pictures with us when you are done!
  20. The morning of the show though seems odd, I would think few working people would be avail on same day. If they got it the week of they can plan for it and drop by but same day?
  21. When you say burning I am assuming you mean firing and yes I think you will need to fire your tiles in a kiln. I am a little confused, the clay tiles are in the two rectangle areas on mantel and outlining the fire box and the rest is wood, right?
  22. sounds like something that is more part of the journey for you than a chore so return doesn't really matter? I think you guys that are building good teaching reputations on YouTube are increasing your ability to do workshops around the country down the road if you decide you want to go that route. Name recognition means something when trying to fill up slots in a workshop.
  23. yeah I guess that's a little tacky but I really don't mean it as badly as it comes across (and the flattened wine bottles have to be sold somewhere). I agree with Mark, finding the route that makes you happy first and a little dough second is the way to go. Yeah it is work but its supposed to be fun too. Almost 60 as well and the older I get the more I realize that its important to not take life so seriously that you lose the joy. Ya blink and a year has gone by and you realize that more have gone by than will go by.
  24. Liam, do you think your social media work has translated into enough sales to justify the time? Do you do it for sales or for enjoyment? I know you have started doing shows now are you seeing folks from your social media work showing up in person at your booth? Ya know I think one thing for the OP and others to consider is that there are a lot of different potters on this board, from just took first class yesterday to 40 year pro's making 6 figures a year. Getting traction and making money in pottery I think is hard and the definition of success elusive as well. Some potters need to pa
  25. Hey welcome to the board and congrats on your first half dozen shows! Sounds like your getting traction. People that like handmade and are willing to pay a premium to support artisans I have found to be a really nice group for the most part and I bet they will mostly be fine with an email about shows and an occasional promo but I would bet 'a few' b4 each show would probably be a mistake. I think the email list is part of the long game and if people start getting tired of your emails they may decide to opt out. Although you will see this in your stats but since they are hard to get signed up i
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