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  1. I think this is a very good idea. For me its just the opposite though. I have to look objectively at everything I do because I'm like a little kid with crayons and paper. I like most everything I do whether it would be considered good by others or not. I use the critique of others to improve my work because I figure they are a little more objective than me. But 360 is a good idea. I made this ceramic clock one time. It was a very one sided piece! But I figured "what the heck", its a clock who on earth is going to look at the other side anyway. I have learned since that quality must be a 360 thing for a piece to be considered "good". I have the clock in my own home. It is a figure of a mother leaning over to give her child a hug. I call it, "The Face of Time". Perhaps art is like a dog, you shouldn't name it until you know for sure if its something you want to claim. You know how it is with dogs, naming is the first step of loving. Perhaps this is dangerous but I consider my art to be part of myself, not perfect by any means but very meaningful hopefully not just to myself but others as well. That is why I drive myself to gain in achieving quality as defined traditionally by the classic elements of design. Does it have ballance? Does it have rhythm? Does it have gestalt... As with sculpture it must be 360 unless it is a ba-relief form and even those must display quality on the flat side to achieve an overall asthetics quality.
  2. Thank You Lucy, my professor mentioned that there was a low fire clay but for some reason he wanted me to try porcelain, perhaps because of the color factor or perhaps because he had extra and just wanted some sap like me to buy it and get it out of inventory. My sculptures are detailed and small yet heavy because I have not yet learned good methods for carving out the inside. I am finding it impossible with porcelain to make anything of very big size because everything collapses in on itself. I am tenaciously trying to create with the porcelain I have left though. My husband is going to make me a roller so that I can hand build some functional pieces. I enjoy creating both non utilitarian sculptual forms as well as functional forms. But I seem to have more of a nack for taking my drawings and putting them in sculptural form.
  3. Thank you. I've done racu. It was one of the class projects when I took a ceramics class this last semester. And you are right, its not like the sculptures are going to be put in the dishwasher. They just need to be stable enough to wipe with a damp cloth and handled.
  4. I have a very small keln. My ceramic art instructor told me that all ceramics needed to be high fired to make them more durable. I like low fire commercial glazes because of all the color options and the predictability of the glazes as opposed to self mixed glazes. However, my kiln is a small low fire one. I use porcelain clay to do sculptures. If I bisque fire my sculptures then low fire glaze them will they be structurally sound and have adequate permanency? Or, do I need to do a second high fire using self mixed glazes? Is it really necessary to high fire ceramics or are there low fire methods that result in the same structural permanency? Thank You and have a good day!
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