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  1. In your profile , can't get to albums.

    Another old lady here, help.

    1. oldlady


      it is just below the line and says albums.  click on it and it should take you to 2 pages of photos.  i just can't get them to post in order, the first one is always the last.

  2. Babs

    Nice to read your words again RuthB

  3. hat constitutes extreme off shore, like is that related to the ks off shore orthe fact that you have swum out there??

    Just asking.

  4. Well 41Degrees C here tomorrow, only got to 35 today,  Pots ready to trim before y'get them off the wheel. Shed a sauna, off for a long drink of tea, the best on a hot night.

    Tomorrow, my turn to sit in a gallery, sounds fine.

    1. Min


      We'll be around 35 today too, unfortunately that's F not C though. 

    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Anything over 25 and I get too hot :lol: never gets warm up in Newcastle. Sounds good for quick dry pots, maybe too good.

  5. Don't know how to see Members' gallery

    1. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Go to the browse tab at the top, then there is a sub area called Gallery.

    2. Babs


      yeh but in old forum you could go to everyone's albums in Members where there was an alphabetical list of all members and one could access their albums not just recent uploads..

    3. LeeU


      When you go to the Gallery, click on the box at the top left box labeled "Members Gallery". It is all members with gallery pics and has 42 pages, though not alphabetical by member name or the avatar name.

  6. family health etc, etc has kept me away from clay. today will prob be dreamtime in my space.

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    2. Roberta12


      You will be renewed!!

    3. Min


      Glad you are back!

    4. Marko


      Take time to love your family, friends and mostly yourself.

  7. back to the potery, family health, books, etc, etc kept me away from clay!!

  8. Biking around lagoon with dog, koala in middle of road, dog needs restraining, koala latches onto my leg, and sinks teeth into right knee, teeth either sid eof my patella,.... claws deep into my calf muscle, prised the thingie off woith ma pottinig hands...

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    2. Pres


      One heck of a story to tell folks!

    3. terrim8


      Compression tights sound like handy things to have on!

    4. firenflux


      Holy wow! I didn't know koalas could be vicious

  9. big day yesterday with stret stall for local Gallery. Torn cartilage didn't like it one bit. Not good at sitting back whilst others...

  10. Peace to all and planet Earth.

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Peace also to you and your family, Babs!

    2. Min


      And back to you Babs!

    3. vinks


      Babs,peace to your family and you,too.Stay Blessed!!

  11. Peace to all and planet Earth.

  12. Peace to all and planet Earth.

  13. Peace to all and planet Earth.

    1. Marko


      And all the animals we share this world with, too.

  14. Too hot to pot here in my tin shed. Want to try spoons soon. Maybe too tricky for me.. Or maybe I've dropped too many onto a slate floor, but tose were those nasty production ones..

  15. another 39deg C still outta there!

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    2. Babs


      ALl suggestions sound attractive, island weather here... today is a mere 21deg C and waitng a 30 yr rain event??? whatever that is.

    3. Denice


      Still cold here, I did get out of the house yesterday. Another cold front moving in today. Denice

    4. bciskepottery


      We hit 41F today . . . heat wave!!!!

  16. 38deg C in the shade, keeping me out of my corrugated iron clay shed.

    1. Denice


      Hard to comprehend, we haven't left the house for 4 days. Wind chill at -1F and it starts again Sat. ice and snow. Denice

    2. Cavy Fire Studios

      Cavy Fire Studios

      Oh, YACK...I'm with Denise--same weather here! I'd rather have the cold, honestly. Fred (my kiln) won't combust my home in the winter, heehee!

  17. any of you who have not cut fromthe hump with a string, do it, absolute bliss after years of getting a knife horizontal and in the process of moving to ware board, flipping many a piece

  18. Didn't have a smashing day, patched up and reglazed many pots on the to do shelf, felt religious, had a lot of success in the refire.

  19. loaded kiln late last night, a dozen teacups were part of the load. Went into shed this am on way to work. ONE teacup stll on the outside!! How did this happen?

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    2. Babs


      Nice, no interruptions!

    3. Chilly


      You chould try fishing, they always have "one that got-away"

    4. Denice


      I have that happen to me way to often. Usually I had been carrying to much and had to set something down.

  20. Yesterday refir ed blistered pots..waiting, waiting. Ground blistered, flaky shelves.Prepared pots for glazing today. Frost on the ground this am but birds nesting.

  21. made some brushes from a variety of vegetation and milet broom, off to try them on outside of some earthenware bowls. think some will be a bit brittle. Hope the slip is the right consistency,usually defloc for even application.

  22. back to throwing exercises, and poss need a new thumb.. weakness and pain in second joint from tip.. battled today, tomorrow.. JB's exercises until!!!

  23. Pugmill looked so beautifully clean, and somewhat corroded that I was lured into using it myself!!

    1. Chilly


      The temptations we face......

    2. Babs


      How weak we are! And loving it!

    3. Chilly
  24. Spent yesterday cleaning pugmill so that afriend can use it .. now it's so clean, well almost, feel it should be left that way as I won't be using it for a time and can't keep the clay left in pug wet. However it has been character building,.. Maybe I'll offer to wedge the clay instead..

    1. Biglou13


      Have friend clean pugmill, then clean again after finishing. If were that friend I'd offer to do so.

    2. Chilly
    3. Babs


      Yeh, means taking apart three heavy sections . I'm waiting for someone to envent "looks like clay, feels like clay but doesn't dry in a pugmill. you just feed it in after you've done your clay and it stays there till next time... anyone want to take that idea and work on it??

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