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  1. I have used Amaco's Bisque Fix and can verify it works very well. I have even used it to repair green ware by mixing it with a small amount of slip for a color match with darker clays. It dries rock hard and fires well. Just follow the instructions, and do not sand or inhale. Use this link to view: http://www.amaco.com/shop/product-322-amaco-bisque-fix.html
  2. Thank you Steve, so much. I was the poster that lamented the lack of any manufacturer's help, but you and Amoco proved me wrong. I can't wait for your pictures to arrive. In the mean time, I am going to purchase another pint of Ancient Jasper and follow your suggestions. I'm looking forward to good results. For the record, I am a big fan of the entire Amoco PC line, and highly recommend them for potter's that work with glazes "out of the jar". Thanks again.
  3. I have used this glaze twice, each time at ^6 electric oxidation, and both times it has produced a muddy brown color. I did notice the red starts to come out where the glaze has been applied thicker. None the less, I was disappointed in it and don't intend to use it again. After all, how many bisque pieces can you afford to lose? It would be nice to have a glaze techie from Amoco chime in on this. Do you think they read our comments? I sure hope so. It would be nice if all the suppliers actually tried to help point us in the right direction every once in a while. This glaze is new, so perhaps we'll hear from them.
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