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  1. I'm always intrigued when I find a thread that is exactly what I've been reading lately. I wrote to the (sorry, name escapes me) man who did the initial video about his PVC roller figure 8 drive slab roller. (this is the video we're all talking about here, I just forgot his name). He mentioned a PDF with directions, but no luck yet. I have checked the book out from the library so I'll be taking the plans and everyone's experiences to him soon and we'll give it another try. In the meantime, I went "shopping" at Bailey. They have a new mini-slab roller (priced under $250.00 with free shipping) and it is almost exactly like the one we're all referring to in our recent posts here. You might want to take a peek at the picture in their online catalog and see if it offers something you haven't thought of, or understood clearly, yet. Personally, my husband and I have two sets of tires, two crowns, two airline tickets and two property tax bills to pay right now but even with all that debt, the thought of Bailey delivering a ready-made roller to my door has a lot of appeal. Let's keep this thread going until we fix the problems. Certainly seems like there is a lot of technical know-how in this group! Take care Sue bandonARTS
  2. P.S. is 'bandonart' as in Bandon, Oregon? Yes, indeedy. Do you know Bandon?
  3. Dear AmeriSwede... Oddly, you have/are going to purchase the very same two Skutt kilns I have been examining. And your advice/experience is exactly what mine has been. However, the critical advice you gave me is that LARGER PIECES are different from SMALLER PIECES. Currently, my round shelves measure 10" and I assumed that if I was doing well with no lid elements, then I could continue expecting that result. However, All the kilns I have seriously considered have significantly larger shelves and without your advice about the lid elements, I would likely have experienced cracking and not have known the reason. I think I'll stay on the prowl for the perfect kiln with lid elements and start working my way toward the new experience. Thank you so much for that critical piece of information! Take care, Sue
  4. Hello, all. I was formerly an active member but a change of e-address left me missing my favorite forum. Pilot error, now fixed. I am respectfully asking for advice. I have been an avid fan of my precious Paragon Home Artist kiln for nearly two years. I bought it before I ever even took a class but knew if I didn't commit myself via a kiln purchase, I would never get off my duff and start out on my lifelong dream of becoming a potter. Then, along the way, I wound up being a glass artist as well, enjoying paid fruits of my labor in a local gallery. Now, I am in the position of needing to purchase a larger kiln to accommodate the orders for glass work at the gallery. I adore ceramics, however, and have no intention of limiting myself with a glass kiln purchase. I still want cone 8 (or 10 someday), a fully programmable kiln with ramp/hold as well as cone capabilities, and am even considering a front loading kiln to help with a fused back situation. I've tried to load a friend's Skutt 1227 but cannot reach the bottom safely. Additionally, due to my location, I've decided to stay with an electric kiln. I have been reading posts about used kilns and have found one on Craig's list (a six year old Cress with furniture for $450.00) but it is not digital and does not have elements in the lid. I realize this is primarily a ceramics forum. I'd like to add that to date I have had (to my knowledge) good results with my Paragon which also does not have lid elements. Maybe I don't even need lid elements...I've heard a lot of talk in that direction but cannot find a forum to which I can address this question. So, this leads me to my request for assistance from you folks. If the kiln looks good, would this be a good price IF I COULD RETROFIT IT WITH A DIGITAL CONTROLLER? Does anyone have anything to offer about the ease and success of such a conversion? Obviously, I'd check with the folks at Cress but I'd like an objective opinion from people with nothing to gain! And, is there truly any advantage to having lid elements? It would be nice to know I had every option available to me, but as I said previously, I've had great success thus far, just need the additional firing space that a larger kiln can offer. The price of the used Cress isn't really as important as knowing I've invested in the correct tool for my trade. Anyone out there who has gone through a similar situation? Anyone have any gut instincts for me? I appreciate any assistance you can send my way. I'd like to get this decision behind me so I can a) get some sleep, do something besides research this topic and c) get some sleep...I think I already said that. Take care, Sue bandonARTS
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