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  1. Thanks Alabà mà I've already managed to find the spider from a shop that deals with hydraulics. And I'm not sure about the vacuum pump that came with this machine so I might be interested in the one you don't use Those springs might rust, its hard to find stainless steel springs but if rust isn't a problem, go for it! I might have to contact bluebird about a rebuild kit, once I figure out if its needed... Stay tuned. Glen
  2. Thanks for all your help I have contacted David Norton by email and will call him this week regarding the mystery of the vacuum chamber. And, Bluebird has a very modest website so here's hoping they have reasonably priced parts? The cam (that activates the vacuum) looks as if its worn right through but should be easily repairable (mig welded) if a replacement isn't available More on this saga when it happens Glen
  3. Hello Ceramic Arts Community I have recently purchased a well used Bluebird 440 which I'm hoping to recondition. The vacuum chamber is a mystery for sure. The rest of the machine seems solid? Just wondering whether anyone has a repair manual or some expertise or know where I can get parts... I do have an operators manual if it is still needed. Thanks
  4. Ok ok ok ok thanks for the advice and the enthusiasm For some reason I figured floor tiles to be high fire?
  5. Thanks for your help I think what I'll do, for the bisque (based on your advice) is stack my tiles on edge but in a zig-zag or fan-fold pattern so that each tile only touches the edge of its neighbour? like this, looking from above WWWW with more stable objects as bookends? That should allow for better/even heating... I might do this also for the raku fire depending on the finish. Does that sound doable?
  6. Hi Marcia Thanks for the reply I'll check out the links you sent but in the mean time I'm wondering if they need an air space between or can they be stacked on top of each other or leaning on each other (if on edge)
  7. Hello I have been making tiles and flat-ish items and will soon do a firing but I'm not sure when the day comes how to stack the electric kiln for bisque firing and later for raku fire in an old kiln using propane. I dont have a lot of shelves Can anyone advise me Thanks Glen
  8. Hi all Regarding my burner question, I have been looking at regulators and wondered if I needed a gauge with it? This reg doesn't have a gauge but claims to be ajustable from 0 to 30, will it do the trick? My link Thanks Glen
  9. Make sure the regulater is a high pressure regulator( usually 1 to 10 lbs pressure) not the type for a BBQ or fireplace. Ok Thanks!
  10. Thank you all That burner is two inches. And I assume your saying that "one" burner should more than enough? Glen
  11. I bought a propane burner and wondered whether it would be appropriate for a small raku kiln (modified 45Gal drum) This burner is rated at 500,000 BTU/Hr. It was on sale for for $60.00 Cnd regular $80.00 And if 500,000 isn't enough I could buy two??? (check link) My link
  12. I think I'll try to find a used pugmill, all this talk of wedging is making these old arthritic wrists sore! In the meantime ill have to use one of these suggestions Thanks All
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