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  1. Great. Thanks for the response. Mark
  2. Thanks for the input. A related question. I'm using Amaco's Velvet underglazes. All the literature I read says they can be fired succesfully at cone 6. The info on the jars say cone 05-04. Did I get the wrong underglases or will this work? Mark
  3. Thanks for the response Darrel. When i was a kid there was a toy (can't remember what it was called) where you dripped ink on a spinning piece of paper and it would create these random, almost Rorschach looking patterns. I wanted to try something similar on shallow bowls and platters before i cut the bat. It may take more speed than wet clay can handle. But that's what I hope to find out.
  4. Hi All, I want to use a white slip over a dark brown body. I have a white clay in mind, to make the slip, that has the same shrinkage rate but different absorption rate (2.7 for the body vs. 1.2 for the slip). Will the difference cause any issues? Thanks, Mark
  5. Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm just starting to experiment with underglazes and have a question. I keep seeing articles that talk about applying them to leather hard, bone dry or bisqued clay. Would you ever want to apply them to wet clay or would that cause the pot to colloapse? Thanks, Mark
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