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  1. I am going to make these modifications to the shed when summer rolls around, thanks! It's not a digital kiln so that's not an issue and it's so cold outside I am not too worried about the shed overheating until it warms up outside.
  2. No need to vent it unless someone is going to be in there (other than brief visits to check firing) during the firing. I assume since it is an uninsulated shed, it's not air tight anyway. As long as you use common sense (like don't sniff gasoline near the kiln) and check on it every once in a while while it is firing, there should be no problem plus it's a great place to dry pots.... Makes me cold just thinking about Saskatchewan this time of year! Jim Thanks Jim, note taken, only huff gas in well ventilated, non-combustible areas : ) As for the cold, ugh, been hibernating for a month now, only uhhhh 3 more to go........... brrrrrrr
  3. Thank you all for the feedback, I have decided to install a vent in the summer but to continue firing in the winter without one. Also I will put a cement patio block under my kiln to protect the wood floor just to be safe. Again thanks much for the helpful info!
  4. Hello, I have set up my Skutt 1018 in a wooden shed that is not insulated, it's measurements are 10 feet by 8 feet. It's mid winter in the Saskatchewan prairies (usually about negative 15-30 celcius) First off is it necessary to vent this shed while firing? Secondly how hot will it get in there while firing Cone 6? Is it unsafe to store other things in the shed with the kiln? (Other things are no closer that 2 feet from kiln) Very much appreciate any advise.
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