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  1. Thank you for the note! I luv making these, they are a nice break from my main stream stuff.
  2. Wow the information so far has been great.......with that said here are a few variables. The silica I used on this batch is 200 mesh, the last was 325 BUT previously 200. So I dont thing that is the problem. The water could be the issue .....I made a huge batch this time vs smaller batches made prior. I thought I would save time. Yeah, Not so much. When I broke out the slip into batches and added stain the problem still presented itself so I am looking at the original batch of slip as the problem. I am going to attempt the epsome salts tonight and see how it goes. Tomorrow, I am going to go back to the small batches with the water measured out and see what happens. Whew, what an ordeal
  3. I plan on trying this although I really would like to solve the problem, Im kinda weird like that!!
  4. I do not know the mesh of the Silica and this could be a problem. The G200 is from Highwater and is labeled as such, it doesnt say substitute, although it would be the same product I have been purchasing so I dont think this would be an issue.
  5. Pottery by Penny

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    Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.
  6. Hello Fellow mud mashers, I work with Stans red earthenware and decorate it with a basic 4 ingredient slip. The slip has been perfect for years, now, all of a sudden it is settling like a gooey rock and will not stay suspended. I cannot for the life of me figure out what has happened, I have not changed a thing. Here is the recipe: 25% of each.....EPK, G200, Silica and OM4. Kinda hard to mess this up. Could it be a problem with one of the ingredients, It seems as though the prob started when I purchased new silica and EPK. I cant manage this problem with wholesale orders coming in, especially when I mix colors from the base and they ALL settle. Any help would be soooooo wonderful!! Penny
  7. Hello pottery people, I am strictly a hand builder myself. I have been building with slabs for 20 years adding extruding about 10 years ago. I tried throwing about a year ago and I just could not get the hang of it. Hand building allows unlimited possibilities. I will never live long enough to create all of the things I want to. Penny Burke Pennypottery.com
  8. Hi Jayne, Where are you in SC? I am also in SC. I use my extruder A LOT!!! I also made a hand held extruder for coils. If you want to try a hand held first let me know, you can make one for $5.00 +/-. Penny
  9. Hello Everyone, I debated on where to post this and this seems like a good place to start . I see an abundance of videos offered through CM that I think may be beneficial to my process and I imagine there are many of you who feel the same. The stumbling block for me is, one, the cost and two, how much of the video would be beneficial. The excerpts are great thanks to CM but still not enough for me to spend the money on numerous videos. What are some of your thoughts on approaching CM about offering a rental of these videos, kind of like the downloadable videos offered on Amazon. The cost is minimal ( 2.99 up to 9.99) for a 24-hour viewing period. Thinking out loud and looking forward to feedback. Penny
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