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  1. Make yourself a 2 part "prototype" so you can be sure, those tools actually are improved if handle is thicker.

    I am sure it will feel nice when you pick it up but because your fingers are further apart you will lose accuracy in your movement.

    If you like to make those metal handles a bit softer, use heat-shrink tubing (used in electronics or by electricians).

  2. What the big difference with RIO. And. BIO. My RIO washes usually turn out black.



    Red iron(III) oxide - Fe2O3

    Black iron(II) oxide - FeO


    At high temperatures, Fe2O3 starts to break down so O and F take off and you are left with the FeO

    In oxidation, this is how you get those cool "oil spots" happening on the glaze where Fe2O3 is converting and free O drags F to the surface and leaves it there.

    Someone can probably get you more detailed description of the process.

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