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  1. I am re-retired from teaching full time at the University. I am happy to have my life back and looking forward to teaching workshops and working in m studio. I have lots of creative energy waiting to get back tp work.

  2. I thought we were friends!

  3. I like your avatar..the old one reminded me of Mexican folk art and it was nice. But this avatar loks like clay

  4. I saw that happen to one of my students when someone put fine sawdust in the reducing can. It was scary. Sorry you experienced that from thoughtless grad students.


  5. Being in a daily raku test group sounds like a damper on your aspirations. Not a fun thing to do.

  6. Let me know if you understand the portable raku kiln picture I sent you.

  7. Thanks for contributing. Haben't seen you here very often. I am starting to teach this semester at UT Brownsville. I would love to get rid of the 6 types of clay and a zillion glazes in the shop...but that will take time.

  8. Pat, I answered your comments on my page. I was out of range in the moutons in Montana for a few days.

  9. beginning to prepare for Fall semester at a new teaching job at a great facility on the beautiful campus of University of Texas -Brownsville. Only concern is dodging bullets from Matadoros, Mx and the drug cartels.Bullets have hit campus buildings..seriously.

  10. Welcome Stephanie!!!

    I like the forum better than clayart as far as politeness goes. And not as sexist IMHO.

  11. welcome!!! Glad to see you joined.


  12. welcome to the Clay community forum.


  13. I knew a medieval lit or religion Prof from Boone. We were in an NEH seminar together. Can't remember his name. It has been 22 years.

  14. As Patti Warashina says (and I am at her feet) clay is a most humbling media and we must be crazy to work with it.

  15. I lived in Huntley and Billings, Montana for a total of 31 years. I miss it dearly. Your photos remind me how wonderful the big sky and open space can liberate one's mind. Great photos. Thanks.

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