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    Besides chemistry, history, techniques, clay bodies, kilns and firings, ceramics collections and museums, I am interested in Civic engagement, gardening , bird watching, Montana outdoors, historical places, education.

    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  2. I haven't fired ^6 reduction for a while.My friend finished his kiln a few blocks from my home and asked me to help fire it. Here are some of my Selsor Copper Red results. these are from 2 firings in the last month. The darker reds are 1/2 cone hotter.
  3. recently fired a gas kiln with a friend. Here are the copper red results June 2020. I used my original Selsor Copper Red. The deeper red on a few pieces were a little hotter with cone 6 almost flat.
  4. We have postponed my workshop until Sept 20-26, 2020 for Soluble Salts at La Meridiana. Here ia a description. They are very busy this week altering the course schedule for this year. https://lameridiana.fi.it/product/23-2020-marcia-selsor-soluble-salts-in-low-fire-saggars/
  5. This is a good demo of how they are made and how they work. Even though it starts out looking at a fuddling jug , this one is a puzzle jug. Marcia
  6. My fireplace surround was in PMI a decade or so ago. These are corbels. I used a right angle jig to construct them. My friend Stephani Stephenson and I taught an architectural workshop in Italy in 2012. Here is her website. Her business is Revival Tile. http://www.revivaltileworks.com For corbels I built a right angle jig also in another PMI and in a book on contemporary sculptural techniques.. Marcia
  7. The Archie Bray is 280 miles from Red Lodge. 560 round trip. I prefer to go up the Musselshell river valley and down Deep creek to Towsend avoiding much of the interstate. It can be done in a day and the drive is beautiful .I am convinced I live in Paradise but Sue Tirrell really lives in Paradise Valley! -not to mention visiting the Bray and looking at the gallery, classes and studios. I do sometimes ship my clay with others to Billings and pick it up there. Marcia
  8. The current issue has an article that includes my work in soluble salts. It is on my website link if you scroll down the page. https://www.marciaselsorstudio.com/ceramic-saggar-and-soluble-salts.html
  9. I finally found the recording discussion of our presentation at NCECA last year. Anyone interested in low fire alternative processes, there are 10 being discussed; two each . Paul Andrew Wandless, Russel Fouts, Judith Motzkin, Ken Turner, and myself. It is an hour long presentation with questions. just click on the picture. The images were on a loop and don't correspond to the discussion going on.
  10. I use coils and use them repeatedly.I extrude 1/4" coils through a steel mesh I put in my extruder. From leather hard to after bisque my clay shrinks 5% and another 6-7% at ^6 Marcia
  11. I had a doctor in my classes when I was teaching. He said when" I make a mistake in clay, nobody dies." Marcia
  12. Mark, I haven't had anymore problems with my wrists except from breaking a bone when I tripped over someone's legs sticking out of the wood kiln taking photos. That was 2 years ago. I think lifting kiln shelves and loading so many kilns per week affected the pain developed in back, shoulders, hips, and thighs.I feel the same about sometimes it keeps me fit and sometimes it is killing me. Gave up bricking up doors 40 years ago. I'm 71 now. Enjoying throwing big pots "effortlessly" with 50+ years of skill to do it. I like not struggling with the clay although if I push one too far and it starts to clapse, I'll hang it upside down and let it reshape itself and continue to throw when it is ready. No fear there and maybe no fear anywhere when you've explored so much and keep pushing the envelope. That makes me feel like it is keeping me fit. At the moment I am working on a batch pots for sagger firing soluble salts and at the same time engaged in carving porcelain for a celedon glaze just because I want to do it. Got a request from a friend from CAD for advice and critique of her work. Discussed glazes, slips, forms and firing schedules. I enjoyed sharing what I could.She'll let me know if it helped. Working with the Community (pop. 2200) efforts on a STEM program turned to STE-A(for the arts)M and developing programs for artists to communicate how they incorporate STEM in producing their work. I feel potters are really involved with that. I work in the studio every day. Maybe because I feel there aren't that any days left or maybe because I am slowing down. My husband will be home for good Sept. 1 when he retires. We want to hang out together stay home since we both have travelled a lot. He wants to play music and write books , and I can hang out with him but still work in clay. We got almost 6 ft. ( 5'10") of snow in Feb. but love living here. Really happy to be back in Montana. This is from a friend of mine from college who taught me to throw. She was the director of Pilchuck for 10 years. She has a hobby after retirement: scuba diving. She was the first woman President of NCECA, among many other things. Good video from the Seattle Art Community. There is room for everyone to enjoy their passion for clay. Marcia
  13. My HS English Teacher quoted that often . We read a lot of Thoreau. Marcia Marcia
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