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    Red Lodge, Montana
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    Besides chemistry, history, techniques, clay bodies, kilns and firings, ceramics collections and museums, I am interested in Civic engagement, gardening , bird watching, Montana outdoors, historical places, education.

    my website includes many "how-to" pages for making quick terra terra sig, to building raku kilns. http://www.marciaselsorstudio.com

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  1. sleet , high winds and snow last night. Rain this afternoon and then more snow tomorrow. Planning to fire obvara on Tuesday.



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    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      The fires raging in OK are signs of the draught. We are expecting more snow later this week. I am going to fire saggars all day while I can.  The last snowfall missed us yesterday but dropped 10" on Great falls to the north. 


    3. terrim8


      wow- haven't heard anything about that up here! Forest fires kind of spoiled our summer here last year (for hiking in the mountains & general air quality)

    4. Denice


      We have tried to vacation in Colorado for several years, but have gone to other areas.  Colorado has been plagued with fires, rain and mudslides.   This fall we are heading to Yellowstone!    Denice

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