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    Cline Campbell Pottery got a reaction from Pres in Bailey Pro Xl vs Shimpo Vl Whisper   
    I have a Bailey ST entry level (lowest price) wheel.  I love the big splash pan, which on this wheel is removable. My Bailey doesn't make a lot of noise, even at its top speed.   I got mine second hand and didn't know much about wheel brands at the time.  One Bailey  ad in Ceramics Monthly a few years ago bragged about how Alfred U replaced a studio's worth of wheels with top of the line Baileys.
    I've needed new belts and a new potentiometer over the years.  These parts cost less than $20 each.  I contacted Bailey and described what the wheel was doing wrong.  The tech diagnosed and prescribed immediately.  The new parts came within a week, complete with easy directions.
    I've used Shimpo Whispers in classes and like how they stop and start instantly, and they are as quiet as the name implies.  But I've also heard a story about someone who had to send to Japan for a new part.
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    Cline Campbell Pottery got a reaction from Rae Reich in piping slip   
    I'm working on a trompe l'oeil porcelain wedding cake. The clay is Laguna cone 10 and has their added plasticizer.  Porcelain doesn't behave like sugar and shortening, of course, and sometimes crumbles when I try to extrude elements.  Can I add some sugar based material like corn syrup or regular sugar or maybe something like gelatin or agar agar to make the clay stick together better?  The additive or any mold that grows on it will burn out, but could it cause problems with drying or pitted surfaces?   I don't plan to reclaim any scraps.

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