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  1. Check out this link! http://ceramicartsdaily.org/ceramics-monthly/call-for-entries/
  2. TJR- What i want out of Grad School.......If I could put it in one sentence I want a place and the time to develop my work, side by side with other artists and supportive faculty who take a real interest in me and my work. Time is what I really crave, I have taught HS art for a few years and even though I have some time, it's nothing like the marathon sessions I used to have as an undergrad! Spring- PLease tell me all about San Jose State, How are the faculty?? Facilities?? Did you have any contact with the grad students?? How was the work?? I did my undergrad in Cali and am a little hesitant to go back considering they have slashed the funding at most schools and I am really in need of some financial assistance, TA position and stuff like that. I will be at NCECA this year if you are going to be around, I believe you can sign up for a portfolio review, too bad it happens after all the grad school deadlines for this year. Good Luck on your search, i am definitely feeling overwhelmed too!! DeWeese- I am going to apply to 8 schools so hopefully I can get into 1 or am hopefully able to choose from 2 or 3 Here is my final list, as of right now San Jose State, Univ. of Oregon in Eugene, University of Washington, Central Washington Univ., University of Montana, Montana State Univ, CU Boulder, Univ New Mexico, and I will probably apply to Alfred University just to say that i did! Good Luck!
  3. Hello All, Just finalizing my choices for Grad School next year. We have all seen the top 20 Ceramic Programs listed in US News and World report (I will be applying to three of those!) but I was also looking for some "lesser known" but good programs out in the western half of the country. My work is both functional and sculptural. The past three years my work has been mostly wood-fired, but lately over the past year , i have been making some really interesting work combining my photography, digital art and ceramic decals to create more conceptual work. I am looking for a well balanced program, that can help me grow as an artist, has good access to the faculty, and possibly an anagama kiln or the opportunity to build my own. I have heard that "wood firing" isn't exactly in vogue right now and it's not necessarily a deal breaker. Some of the Schools I have been looking into are, San Jose State, Univ. of Montana in Missoula, Univ New Mexico, Oregon State in Eugene, CU Boulder and University of Washington in Seattle. Any and all feedback would be appreciated!!
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