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  1. Yes the cone did bend but very little and it does have a timer. I didn't realize my husband set the timer for 5 hrs. And honestly I have just gotten this kiln and I am not to sure on how to work it nor how long the firing process will take for the greenware to fire to cone 04. Is been a long time since I had a kiln in the early 70"s. And I don't recall how I did it back then! And haven"t found much on the internet that tells you how long it takes. But in my search I found this site. I did restart it at 12:39 pm with the cone in the sitter and a wittiness cone and I set the timer to 17 hou
  2. My kiln was to turn off at cone 04 with the kiln sitter, But instead it turned off within 5 hours. My question is, can I refire the bisque to reach 04 just as if it were firing for the first time? I just hope I didn't ruin my pottery. Thank You for your reply
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