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    mregecko got a reaction from Rae Reich in I put a penny in the kiln- but what in the world happened?   
    Umm... It looks like one or two of those tubes went into your element's groove. That's really not good, and could potentially damage the element depending on what the substance is made of. Just be careful with this experimentation.
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    mregecko reacted to Mark C. in Firing Glazed Plates   
    Sometimes the customer is not right.

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    mregecko reacted to Chris Campbell in Clay Thickness Before It Explodes?   
    I would suspect that the eyes are hollow ... but I don't know much about making face jugs. When I got the pottery assignment to make a face jug I put the dial face of a watch on it.
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    mregecko reacted to Mark C. in Glaze Is Grainy, Rough At Lip Of Mugs   
    Pres summed it up -If you use a chaois holding it with two fingers it should compress the lip. 
    You could also douple dip the lips a tad so more glaze stays there in the fire.
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    mregecko reacted to Pres in Glaze Is Grainy, Rough At Lip Of Mugs   
    Overworking the clay at the rim yes, but I don't think the use of the chamois is a problem. Using a chamois usually smoothes the slippery smaller particles over the courser ones at the same time compressing the clay . . . albeit a small amount.
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