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  1. Kristen

    I have done a conversion kiln also. Mine is natural gas though.  Have you got yours running efficiently? I read most of the posts concerning your kiln issues. I think enough primary air was the decided solution. Are you still doing single fire? I tried to gather any info from all the responses you were getting to see if I could gleen anything to solve my kiln issues,  especially the chimney comments. I have an exterior chimney like you do. I really think that is where I am losing too much heat. Anyway I was just wondering if you got it working properly since you haven't posted Im assuming you are making and baking away!

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    2. Mudfish


      I can answer most of these questions...I know that the pipe lines from the meter to the where it changes pipe size is 30 ft, @ 1 and 1/4", from there to the kiln it is 1" line and 60 ft long. 2 venturi burners 7500 btu






















    3. Kristin_Gail


      Oh, my.  I honestly forgot all about this kiln!  I finally gave up on it, and that giving up coincided with a cross-country move, so I ended up passing the kiln on to a friend—and throwing in the towel on pottery altogether.  (Actually, I just gave the main part of the kiln to him. The chimney still stands, as far as I know, and the burners are somewhere in my storage unit, buried with all the boxes of various pottery tools and do-dads.  I should probably find a home for all these things...)  I'm wishing you good luck with your conversion, mudfish!

    4. Mudfish


      oh, this kiln issue of mine is driving me to the brink of towel-throwing, also! I completely understand. Right now, I have about three or four kilnloads of bisqueware waiting on a good reduction glaze fire in my nice, new converted kiln. Yikes. I've accepted the fact that I could possibly be stockpiling quite an arsenal of bisque ware before I finally get a green light on cone 7. 

      Good luck on your endeavors also, Kristin! 

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