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  1. 4 hours ago, glazenerd said:

    Nice work Johnny.

    It has been an interesting journey because Mark works with ^10 porcelain and I'm working with ^5 B-Mix and Amaco Potter's Choice. I have a couple of his pieces and am trying to emulate his style...

  2. The great takeaway from this experiment is that it is of paramount importance to know what color the clay is going to be at the final firing so that you have a better idea of how to go about glazing the pieces since their final color will be affected by the base color of the clay at cone...

    Thanks, nerd!

  3. Hi Marcia,

    I'm currently taking a Raku class at Sierra College in Rocklin, CA and have been inspired by your work since I joined the forum. We will do a sagger firing in the next couple of weeks and I find this collection of photos particularly interesting. Where can I find more of your work along with descriptions of the techniques and materials you use to come up with the outcomes that you show here?

    I am also fascinated by the Raku work you do with horse images. I have a friend who has been supplying me with horse manure for my small farm over the past year and as a gift of appreciation, I'd like to give her a horsehair raku pot made with some of the hair she save from a horse she had for 25 years and lost last April. What technique do you use to get the horse images on your pots and tiles?

    Thanks for your consideration and inspiration,


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