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  1. Will be making a couple of funerary containers this week in a much larger form of my tri-tube bud vases...

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    2. Min


      It's like you need a miterbox with a fine wire instead of a saw. Would need the clay to be fairly stiff though so it doesn't just squash down. Maybe supporting the tubes with thick foam underneath so the wire could make a clean cut right the way through? (just thinking outloud)

    3. LeeU


      Just curious---are you working creamains into the clay body and/or the glazes or are these containers soley to put the ashes in?

    4. JohnnyK


      I just extruded the tubes last night and I could still work them into the surface, but before I attach the tubes, I'll talk with my friend to find out if he wants the ashes worked into the surface. He was happy with the first jar that I made with the ashes embedded into the surface but changed his mind when he saw the bud vase design and color...so at this point the answer is up in the air...

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