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  1. Thank you! I meant to use the wadding only on those wares that I felt could cause damage to kiln shelf....If I wadded only those heavily glazed wares, shelf would be fine, and piece would be fine...thanks for the link!
  2. They are waxing and wiping, but despite this, some students tend to be heavy handed and they cause drips (seems to always be the adult students...I have no problem with the kids also after researching the wading idea, I agree more work than what it's worth. I liked the "cookie" trays idea. I could use those for those pieces that scream glaze overload. Thanks for the input!
  3. Yes, but I hate the flakes it produces and sometimes the student's wares are glazed so heavily (even after demo and stating) they still drip and stick
  4. Curious if I could use wadding for loading at cone 6 in electric kiln. Want an easy way of preventing student’s wares from sticking onto shelves. I currently use little trays, but find it takes up space. If so, any good wadding recipe? Thanks
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