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  1. From the album: My Work

    Can be viewed at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/158730105/baby-face-sculpture-ceramic-bas-relief
  2. From the album: My Work

    First Pottery Sale!!
  3. That is a really good tip to know. I'm guessing that any commercial clear would work, a lot better than home made clears.
  4. This piece is incredible - I could look at it for hours.
  5. Great work - absolutely stunning
  6. I love it when a piece has a story behind it - makes it all the more special.
  7. I love this bowl - so dark and mysterious!!
  8. This necklace is stunning - really great work!!
  9. From the album: My Work

    This sculpture was inspired by Edward Weston's famous black and white photo 'Eloquent Nude'. It is currently on sale at: https://www.etsy.com/listing/151973609/porcelain-bas-relief-eloquent-nude.
  10. Very Nice. Love all of the textures and colours - underglaze?
  11. Very talented. The stomach, ribs, hips have very good proportions and show good musculature. The only thing that I would point out would be the breasts, they begin a little too high up and seem a little too far apart - but for a second time sculptor, this is very impressive!!
  12. Corinda Genev


    These are really beautiful. Are their bottoms thrown?
  13. This is absolutely stunning and incredibly unique - I love encountering pieces that are truly original .
  14. From the album: My Work

    I was inspired to create this piece by a photograph I found of a woman in a hijab, her expression really touched me - both mysterious and a touch sad. I used the technique of mishima to create the lines. The eyes were carved out and filled with glass.
  15. From the album: My Work

    This bas relief was inspired by the 2011 cover of Vogue. It featured two woman posing with lace applied over their eyes. It was such a striking photo, I had to give it life. https://www.etsy.com/listing/152231921/lace-mask-woman-porcelain-ceramic-bas
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