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  1. John, Here's the gold-blue cone 10 I love. Want the recipe? It took me asking one of my high school ceramics students to help me with uploading this picture, because I couldn't figure out how to do it myself. Laura.
  2. I would love to see some pictures of the gold blue. I have a temmoku gold cone 6? Yes, I'd like to try that gold temmoku, if you'd share that recipe. I'm writing this post from school and don't have an example of my beautiful gold/blue here, but will shoot one and send it when I get to the studio this p.m. I'll send you the recipe, if you like. I adapted a version of a glaze called "Nafzinger's Gold" from an old CM magazine.
  3. Does anyone have a good cone 6 gold glaze for reduction they'd share? I've evolved after years of firing to cone 10 to cone 6 gas, and have experimented to find some acceptable colors, but I'm still searching for a good gold. I had a gold-breaking-blue bright cone 10 glaze that I loved, and I miss it. Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Clay students know when their high school art teachers are real and when they are faking it. When a student successfully centers a 5" cylinder for the first time to pass the skills test in Intro to Ceramics; when a Ceramics 2 student makes three 5" high and 3" wide cylinders in one class period to pass the skills test; when a student completes their lidded teapot and all the parts fit--- good times, these!! However, some days...like the day I stabbed my hand with a needle tool intentionally buried in the new clay to hurt someone....the day I found my favorite wood-fired coffee mug buried in a slip bucket (SCREW YOU Ms. Waters!)....the day I looked up at the wall behind the ware shelves and saw clay wads thrown up there, which directly followed on the heels of my talk about the health reasons for avoiding dust....these days weaken the spirit. Some days I go home from school so exhausted, having completely fallen out of love with clay. On these days, if I can muster the strength to drag myself to my studio and get out the clay, the love and passion for my medium returns and my frustration dissipates.
  5. Heritage High School Art Students Ceramics Work
  6. I teach all levels of ceramics in the Arts Academy of a large high school here in beautiful Northwest Arkansas.

  7. Hi! Dip newspaper into well-mixed slip and cover the branches, then fire. I've done this before, and it worked. I applied about 3 layers of newspaper and tried to have it going different directions with each layer, like you do for paper mache.
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