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    Cascais, Portugal
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    Traveling for a purpose, wine tasting, cheese tasting, gardens, Portuguese history and its place in the world, complaining about my former home, Brazil. gazing out into my garden as I type on the cmputer.

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In order to avoid things like math I took some ceramic courses in high school. Likewise, avoiding the same in college, I muddied my hands as frequently as was possible. However, at one point and 3 colleges later It dawned on me that I needed to make a living because my prince had failed to appear and pay my electric and gas bills. So, I decided that I would study nursing and work as an artist when I could. Fast forward 36 years because that's when "could" happened. The stars lined up, I found myself at a free ceramic workshop, stuck my hands back into clay and there i have been for the past 3 years. After a short and regretful 6 months at a forgettable ceramic program in Portugal (ARCO) I set up a small workshop at the back of my home. In 3 years, I've made about 3 things that I liked and about 300 things worthy of the trash. I actually do worry that I am creating things that will not deteriorate over the millineums. My 3 children do display some objects in the USA. blink.gif A few months back I had a moment of over-imagination. I imagined teapots with a maritime theme, a competition of such items and I was awarded public support in this tiny country to produce an international ceramic event. There is no turning back now even as I sit day after day in front of this computer churning out things like invitations, websites, (one for our new workshop too) press releases, grant applications and various begging, pleading and supplicating opportunities.wink.gif I will submit some photos as soon as I find one that makes me look gorgeous. Seapots, Teapots and a Sunday Tea Party

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