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  1. I noted the recent discussion of Sio-2's black ice (porcelain), and saw that they also offered a black stoneware (PRNI). I'll order some to test, but didn't know if anyone else had any opinions. Peter
  2. If you have access to Tucker clays, I'd recommend trying either mid cal and/or CCSS. Peter
  3. Tucker's MCS is good, and Tucker has other Cone 6 porcelains. Peter
  4. I realize that you specified SC clay bodies, but you might look at Tucker's. Peter
  5. I've calcined it with a batch of 04 bisque, without any melting or problems. It did get a bit "crunchy" so I just mashed it in a mortar/ pestel so it would better pass thru the sieve.
  6. You might look at New Mexico Clay: http://www.nmclay.com/ I used both their Columbine (porcelain) and White Stoneware clays; Brant (owner) has always been helpful. Peter
  7. I've used up to 40% gerstley without pitting. You might try substituting ferro frit 3134 and see how the glaze reacts -- good luck.
  8. <<What do you think of the Marxist philosophy rolled into this document?>> I skipped that part :-) I'm rather surprised his thesis committee allowed it ---
  9. Thank-you for posting the MFA thesis; what a very well-done combination of art and science. Peter Pache New Mexico
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