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    Fine Art, Craft, Ceramics, Music, Festivals, Traveling, Yoga and Cooking.

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In a spur of the moment decision, I chose clay. My creative nature had yet to fail me, so I set up shop at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY. I graduated with my BFA in 2008 and have since been furnishing my home studio in a beautiful old church. The time away from clay made me realize its importance in my life and I look forward to delving into new projects.



Clay has a two-sided appeal for me; soft, moldable and impressionable its raw state - yet rigid, strong and inflexible when fired. This became my reference for the concepts behind my work. Blending the organic and geometric qualities of clay together is my main focus when creating sculpture. My goal - a strong, harmonic composition bowing down at the feet of the design fundamentals.

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