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  1. Thank you u have been very helpful. No one I talked to knew what to do with it. are there any other medias that can be used such as liquids use by painters?
  2. Hello, I am new to this site and have some questions but first off I would like to know if any of you have worked with or even seen lusters in powder form. I bought a kiln from a wonderful lady and she gave me all sorts of goodies to go along with it. I have talked to my instructor who has been in the ceramics world for quite some time. She has no idea what exactly to do to use them. I was wondering if any one know what to do. There are directions on the back but the line of lusters has gone out of business. So needless to say I am at a lost as to how to apply them. I have googled the name brand and can not find anything even close. The name of the product is Jacquelyn's Luster-ette or Luster. I even tried looking up the address and it seems it no longer exists. So I really need some help here and I would be very gratful. Thank you.
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