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  1. The most common issue I see with new throwers is a lack of bracing throughout the arms+core+legs+feet. Use your entire body. There is a FREE video on my website (link in my signature, then go to the “school” page) where I demo my method of centering, including lots of tips that are geared for new throwers. Keep in mind there are plenty of correct ways to center, my method is just one method. You should try various methods to find the one that works best for you.
  2. This is what I came here to say. Your two hands working together have much more stability. Also, when opening a floor, your two hands should be addressing the same degree (out of 360 degrees) of the pot. If your hands are in two different places, you might be sending your pot two different messages and throwing it off center.
  3. The Status Updates area (upper right section of the forum’s homepage) is where you can crow when exciting things happen, or vent when frustrating things happen, and where like-minded folks will understand! You can create photo albums in your profile, and when you post photos there they will appear in the Images feed at the bottom of the forum’s homepage. Welcome!
  4. The aggravating week continues. Now fedex has lost my shipment of custom-printed shopping bags. If they can’t find it, I won’t have time to get them reprinted before my next show. 

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    2. GEP


      UPDATE... THE SHOPPING BAGS HAVE BEEN FOUND! Fedex delivered them this afternoon. What a relief.

    3. terrim8


      You mean they weren't headed overseas to G- knows where??? Huh...Fedex is getting its act together???

    4. GEP


      I’m not quite willing to say “act together” yet for fedex. They had marked the shipment as delivered almost two weeks ago, but the boxes were still somewhere in their system until yesterday. Tried to ask “what’s the story” and so far nobody knows. 

  5. Ack! My kiln with brand new elements just misfired. Now I have to wait until it cools down before I can start to investigate. Aggravation. 

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    2. GEP


      Culprit found ... one bad relay. New one is ordered. All the glazes still look like powder, so I think a refire will be fine. Thanks for all the advice, everyone! Benzine I pledge to make better offerings, starting now!

    3. oldlady


      if yours is an L&L i have relays that i never put in.  you can get one right away.  one of my neighbors works at NOAA in silver spring or bethesda or somewhere close to you.  call me.

    4. GEP


      No need, it’s not a time crunch situation. Thank you for the nice offer!

  6. It will depend on what you’re trying to achieve, and which underglaze you’re using. I thin my underglaze quite a bit for the ruling pen, to the consistency of india ink. I’m using black underglaze and I think it still reads as black.
  7. Spent today packing online orders for shipping. Ow, my back.

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I hope I'm done with that part yesterday.

      Just when I think I'm done with packing another contact happens.

    2. GEP


      And now the anxious part begins... hoping the pots will arrive safely. Arrghhh. 

  8. Hey everybody ... friendly reminder time ... it's ok to make a quick joke about US pharmaceuticals. But please don't turn this into a discussion about the cost of pharmaceuticals or healthcare in the US, which is very much a political subject now. Let's talk ceramics. Thank you!
  9. This is the counterpart to my last suggested QoTW. Describe a day from your ceramics life that left you thinking "that was a bad day." We've all had them. Here's your chance to vent. Or confess. And others can commiserate, or forgive.
  10. As long as you have whatever solvent is used with shellac on hand, you should be fine. One nice thing about ruling pens is how easy they are clean. No videos of myself, but you can search youtube for ruling pen videos.
  11. @dAO Because you made me think about my ruling pen, I decided to use it today.
  12. You might want to try a Ruling Pen. It's an old graphic designers tool that works kind of like a fountain pen. You can adjust it to any width and use it with any liquid, including underglaze. The learning curve is to mix the underglaze with the right amount of water to match the consistency to the width of the line. It takes some practice. But there's no squeezing involved! I use this when personalizing wedding gift platters, to write the names of the couple and the wedding date. https://www.amazon.com/PRO-ART-40415-Pro-Ruling/dp/B004XL1D26
  13. Describe a day from your ceramics life that left you thinking "this was a really good day."
  14. If you could go back and start your ceramics journey from the beginning, would you do anything different this time?
  15. A message from Alice (oldlady) regarding Terry (Pugaboo)
    "Terry Buffington, known to us as the vibrant Pugaboo, lost her husband on October 4 to a serious illness.  He had been ill and hospitalized for several weeks.  I know Terry would be glad to hear from her forum "family".  I am sure we all feel part of her loss and would like to express those feelings to her."

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    2. Chilly


      So sorry to hear this sad news Terry, all our thoughts are with you.


    3. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      *hug* thoughts with you.

    4. Denice


      Sending lots of hugs your way I am sorry you are having to go through this.    Denice

  16. Driving to Chicago for a show this week. Any food suggestions for the northern Chicago suburbs? I will be in the Glencoe area. 

    1. aperhapshand


      Kyoto sushi is really good! http://www.kyotoinwinnetka.com/  -- If you happen to be further north west at any time I always go to Himalayan when I am in the area! http://himalayanrestaurant.com/


    2. GEP


      @aperhapshand Thanks, I love sushi!

  17. testing, where does this appear?

  18. I have seen how tweaking a design, a few millimeters here and a few millimeters there, will mean I can fit seven on a shelf instead of five. I have also seen how sometimes a good sellable design just isn't worth the amount of space it needs in the kiln. You will be forced to think about these things out of necessity, and you will gain from it.
  19. I started with a 3cf kiln. I used it for about 2 years, then bought a bigger one. It can work for the time being. You'll be firing it a lot, that's all.
  20. What do you listen to while working in the studio? Music, tv, talk radio, silence? (this one may have been done before, but it's the kind of question that newer users should get a chance to answer)
  21. Do you have any Hydrobats? A form like that will be greatly helped by a Hydrobat. No wiring under, so the bottom will be perfectly flat. Might be worth investing in one or two for this project.
  22. I make hundreds of plates on hump molds per year. Generally speaking this is easier than throwing plates. But there is a long development process for designing and making the molds, and learning how to handle slabs soundly enough to make plates that don't warp. I would plan to spend about a year on this process. You will throw away a lot of molds (when you realize the shape isn't quite right), and you will recycle a lot of plates, and hammer a lot of fired and warped plates. If your goal is to make a one set of plates for personal use, it would be much faster to throw them. I like the form in the photo you linked. To keep them as flat a possible, first make sure they are as evenly thick as possible, especially in the corner where the floor meets the wall. Compress that flat floor with a straight-edge wood rib. Compress it like crazy. Allow them to dry on a surface that is completely and reliably flat. Dry them slowly and evenly. Make sure your kiln shelves are flat and free of bumps and debris. Plan on some amount of warping anyways, so throw more than you need.
  23. Just fyi, buying and selling of goods/services is not allowed on this forum. However, if you post photos of the kiln, I'm sure some people will help you price it.
  24. GEP

    IMG 5434

    Theyre all gorgeous but this one is my favorite. Stunning.
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