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  1. Thanks, but I am looking for the recipe, not other things that will work.
  2. Does anyone know the recipe used for making peep hole plugs?
  3. I am looking for a recipe that can handle thermal shock. The finished product when done that I am making is heated with a blow torch. Blow torches can reach temperatures of around 2500 degrees F. The temperature I am looking to heat the product is around 400 degrees, but a lot of users over heat the product and it cracks. The biggest name in the game uses a formula similar to what is used for hip repair. I believe it is heavy on calcined alumina, and they have problems with them breaking. These pieces should be strong enough to be heated several times a day. Does anyone have any ideas of what may work well? My kiln only likes going up to cone 6, and I am looking for a slip recipe. Thanks for any help!
  4. I ended up ordering my decals from inplainsightart.com. They print every Wednesday and ship every Thursday which had me sold due to my very short deadline. I had to make 23 trophies/plates. I had never single fired, thrown a plate, or used decals before. Luckly I only cursed the World a few times. They came out according to plan! 17 done anyways already with a week to go.
  5. Did a test fire and it came out how I wanted.....which is weird cause everything else in mt kiln is pinging.
  6. Thanks for the responses....I'm guessing underglaze doesnt stick to the shelves cause it doesnt have flux? I have never worked with it before. With my project, I am working cone 6 and adding decals, so I really dont want to fire to 3 different cone temperatures so I don't think that will work for me. Just want to write something on the back and dont care too much if its permanent, but that would be a plus.
  7. I have a small kiln and a deadline and would like to single fire. I am using anasazi cone 5 clay with extra iron: http://nmclay.com/ProductDesc.aspx?code=ANASAZI_5X&type=4&eq=&key=it&desc=AnasaziCone5withExtraIron and firing to cone 6. I am using coyote cone 6 glaze. Does anyone have any tips. I will be firing a decal on afterwards. Thanks and sorry for taking over the forum at the moment.
  8. So I'm making plate trophies for an event. Due to my lack of work with decals, I want to write each event name on the back. There are 23 different events, and I dont have the means to print out 2 of every one if I mess up. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the ideas....will try some new ideas out when I have a chance to get back to that project!
  10. I 3d printed this object out, and am trying to make 2 a piece mold for it, but the plaster keeps sticking on the inside. The inside angle is a little over 3 degrees. I tried using oil to make it slippery, and even made a plaster mix with a higher water ratio than normal. Thanks.
  11. Thanks...is there any food safe clear coat that I can apply over it?
  12. Thanks for the input Tim.....I will be putting the decal over glossy glaze. Shoot me your number at justinnovel@bresnan.net. I am also looking at this as well. I have a lot of projects that i plan on using decals for and I'm sure you will fit in some where. http://www.decalpaper.com/category-s/2.htm anyone have views on this? thanks everyone!
  13. I got the word today that I will be making 23 plate/trophies for a local event June 7th. I have never worked with decals and don't really have much time for mistakes. Can someone please give me some advice as to where to buy my decals and any tips that may help me out please? I will be making the plates out of cone 6 red clay. I am aware that the decals will fire to a different cone. I do not own a laser printer, and am looking for the cheapest place to get both color and black decals (it doesnt have to be the same store. Included is a rough draft of what I plan on doing. Thanks!
  14. I let it dry, and put it in the freezer and it loosened up!
  15. Thanks for the help....I will let it dry for a bit and go from there.
  16. I took a 1 inch circumference doll rod and drilled a 3/4 inch circumference cone shape into it about 3/4 of an inch deep. I put a spray finish on it, sanded it down until super smooth, then put greensoap (3 coats) on it and made a one piece mold of it. it is roughly 6 inches long. I can not get the doll rod out of the plaster. I'm thinking it may be a suction issue. I poured the mold about 20 hours ago. I slapped it with a shoe. I drilled a hole in the doll rod (the 1/2 inch sticking out of the mold), and put a screw in it and tried to pull it out with about 150 lbs of pressure, and it wont budge. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  17. Does anyone know how to do this: I really just want to figure out how to bond glass to the bottom of my pots! Thanks
  18. Hmmm, looks like it may not work. I was planning on getting these and wrapping clay around the middle for nice handles for pottery tools for myself. http://www.ebay.com/itm/8pc-WAX-CARVER-SPATULA-DENTAL-POLYMER-CLAY-CARVING-SET-/360827537099?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5402ff46cb Any thoughts on other types of metals that may hold up to cone 6? Titanium maybe?
  19. I want to make ceramic handles for stainless steel tools and fire them together as one piece (cone 6). Is there anything I should know before trying this? Thanks
  20. I'm going to start working with cone 6 porcelain.....my friends are great artists, and I dont have the time to learn another craft at the second. Can anyone recommend me a company that will print out my friends designs? I would like to do the decal, then put a clear glaze over it. Is this how it works? Thanks....Justin
  21. I fire to cone 6........has anyone made one before, and if so, how? Thanks, Justin
  22. Yeah, I can't use stilts for what i do. Is it possible to make a glass shelf and put it on my kiln shelf, and then glaze 100% of my piece and set it on the glass without it sticking? I almost want to go back to school and study chemistry to solve this problem. There must be a way to make a shelf that wont fuse with glaze. I spent an hour one night researching melting temperatures of metals.....but i dont know enough about things in general to make any educated guesses on the matter.
  23. I've only used crawl a few times, and it was coyote. The only thing i can say, is make sure you apply it really thick, or it doesnt tend to crawl from my experiences.
  24. Awesome....really just trying to find a way to glaze 100% of my product, and asking in a sneaky way. Anyone know if i could make the bottoms of my product with (glass over clay) to give it a clear glaze look. Wish I majored in chemistry in college now! Thanks for the responses....much appreciated.
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