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  1. Hello all, I'm looking for an online glaze chemistry class. We have been using recipes from around the web, but would like to better understand what's happening and make desired tweaks. Do you know of any good sources? Alternatively, do you recommend any resources that present this information in laymen's terms?
  2. We are using the same kiln with a dual tank setup from Ward Burner. If you plan to fire anything other than raku, having two tanks will be helpful. The regulator he sells is beefier than anything we were able to find at the stores.
  3. Hey there. I'm also a raku potter. I reduce in a pit formed out of cinder blocks and filled with wood shavings (not sawdust). It's not terribly expensive to make and completely customizable in terms of size. Plus, it won't upset the wife for digging huge holes in the yard...although she may not like the cinder block pit. I attached a picture here from the construction of my kiln yard. It shows the pit. Hope this is helpful.
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