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    clay lover reacted to oldlady in What’s on your workbench?   
    today i had things on my workbench i would be happy to let anyone see.  hope they all make it through the next steps to finished product.
    i would be happy if i could capture in the final firing that soft color of the slip.  who knows how it will look when it is finished?

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    clay lover reacted to oldlady in What’s on your workbench?   
    making a combination of things.  big pieces with leaves and birds and small, about 3 inches across lace impressed bowl shaped "containers".  the small items will sell if i can get a nice glaze in several colors.  the bigger ones also sell, depending on the venue.  but the small stuff is my version of mark's sponge holder bread and butter item.  not that they hold sponges, just that they sell quickly and bring in cash.

    got to make some glazes!
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    clay lover got a reaction from dAO in tools or methods drawing fine lines of underglaze   
    I am so glad to hear that someone else despises those tiny nozzled squeeze bottles.  I simply can not get them to work for anything.   going looking for a ruling pen.  
    I love how reading through various questions on this forum sets me off on the next journey!
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    clay lover reacted to yappystudent in tools or methods drawing fine lines of underglaze   
    I invested in a lot of those little squeeze bottles with and without underglazes in them and can't do a thing with them either. The auto-body brushes and the pen are genius, genius. 
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    clay lover reacted to Callie Beller Diesel in How do you feel about being called talented?   
    I am at the point where I produce good enough work that people call me talented.  
    Because I share Joseph's definition of talent being a natural initial inclination towards something, I cringe internally every d@mn time.  
    I do smile and accept the compliment as it was intended: I was raised to be polite, and after all, most people offering these well-intended words have no idea at all how truly awful I was at clay to begin with. The pots I make now are a result of a combined love of the material, and as Min says, perseverance.  Even though I was really bad at it, I loved it enough to become good at it. 
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    clay lover reacted to Marcia Selsor in Plates - Slump & Hump   
    my article about making hump molds was in PMI May/June 2008
    Maybe you can find a copy.
    Pottery Making Illustrated May/June 2008
    Cover: Amy Santoferraro
    All-Access and Web-Edition Subscribers can view/download this issue here.
    Buy this back issue—$3.99 (PDF only).
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    clay lover reacted to bciskepottery in Going Price Of Mugs   
    I'll go straight to #2, practically 0% sales/dollars. I concede the mug market to other potters. I make vases, ikebana vessels and similar items that other potters tend to not make. A more limited audience, perhaps. But, I often hear comments from shoppers about the uniqueness of items and how different the selection is than other pottery booths. You either have to make a mug that is so different/better quality/better price than anyone one else (and that will differ from person to person) or make a product line that sets you apart.
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    clay lover reacted to Benzine in Large Flat Pieces Cracking During Glaze Firing   
    Clay lover, I sometimes uses coils to explain to students, that while fragile, ceramics are quite strong. I take a bone dry piece and break it, it with no effort at all. Then I try a bisqued piece. With a quarter inch coil, I can't safely break it.
    As long as they don't get dropped from more than several inches high, they should stay in good shape, while stored.
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    clay lover got a reaction from DyAnn in Making colored slip   
    Does adding Darvan make it flow out of a bulb trailer more evenly?  I am darvan  deficient..  Is there a down side to having it in your slip?
    Nelly , when you mix your large batch of slip and divide it, how do you determine how much colorant to use.  Do you use a % of WET weight?
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    clay lover reacted to GEP in Business Forum F. A. Q. Listing   
    This FAQ listing will be updated periodically. If you have any suggestions for threads that should be added here, send me a PM.
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    clay lover reacted to Pres in In The Studio Forum F. A. Q. Listing (Frequently Asked Questions)   
    This strand will be a series of compilations from In the Studio forum. Please do not reply, as these are to be without-wanderings. If you have an idea for a new line here-PM me.
    PS not my idea, but one John has set up in the Technical forum.
    Best, Preston
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    clay lover reacted to GEP in Potter/ceramicist: Pottery/ceramics?   
    This thread has made me realize that I have stopped associating with people who don't know what a potter does.
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