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  1. I just unloaded the first firing using the Envirovent that I installed on my Skutt 1027. The cones were much more even, slightly hotter at the TC, but much improved over the cones with out the vent. Problem is, I used the cone fire mode for 04 slow fire, that is supposed to compensate for irregularities and the Skutt tec said it would be more dependable that the Ramp mode I had written for my firings. Kiln ran 12.30 hrs, 4 hours less that the program I usually run, and went to 1945.with no hold. My Ramp firings are to 1920 with an hour hld. When I unloaded this AM, none of the 04 cones are bent at all, the 05 are only slightly bent. BUT the firing is more even with the vent. GRRRR. what went wrong? I can't call Skutt until noon my time Monday AM. hoped to be running a glaze fire on this work before then. Can I refire the bisque without risking the work? Do I need to refire it? I'm used to 04 bisque work and this isn't even 06 from the looks of the 05 cones.
  2. The kiln is outside the studio in a very large,covered concrete area. the spray booth is also in that area, that's how they got the excess glaze bucket. There have been raccoons in the outside shed for years, but not inside my studio. I keep water for them and when they have babies, I put out food for them, they are the most cute things ever and are very used to us. I have not had any damage over the years and often see their little feet prints on things. The day the glaze can went traveling, there were masses of prints, funny to try and interpret. I wish I could set out a wet slab and get them to dance in it, what a neat pots that could make.
  3. I have a somewhat different issue with loose peep plugs. The raccoons take them out and carry them out into the woods behind the studio. It's like being on an Easter egg hunt, but I always find them if I walk far enough. I wish I could see this happening and I always get a laugh when I see it has happened again. I do keep a couple of extras around, just in case. They don't seem to have a any interest in the stilts, but did once manage to take a full 2 lb. coffee can of glaze up and over the farm fence behind the kiln area. That had to have been a group effort, since the lid was not off the still full can when I found it, several yards behind the studio!.
  4. good point, Peter, I will do that today. so simple, why didn't I think if it?
  5. I get discouraged when I've work hard on a new item for my booth, tested, fired, tweaked the proportions developed the pattern or design to look just right. and finally put it out there for sale.Then someone from the same town comes through my booth, chats me up for a while, (Why, you don't bother to speak to me when we pass in the grocery)?? and then 3 weeks later I see the item, copied and priced at 1/2, in their booth in my home town at the next show. I don't know how to not feel discouraged about this. If you're going to snitch someone else's ideas at least have the class to get a little farther away to do the selling.
  6. Celia, do you have John Britt's new ^6 glaze book? Very good, lots of pics, recipes and how and whys of it all.
  7. I made a GREAT find this AM. a big plastic thing with exactly the size , angles and shape I have been wanting for slumping a basic form for what I want to make. BUT. it is 2" wider that my kiln. If my clay's total shrinkage is 12%, how much of that will be in the drying, how much in the bisque fire? I want this to end up just big enough to get in the kiln without touching any elements to bisque fire it. I know after the bisque it will be good to go for glaze firing . Can't wait to start on this! DRAT, can someone correct the title?
  8. I would judge it on what you made, not anyone else. Old Lady has some truth there. There can be many reasons why someone else didn't do well, they don't need to be your reasons not to go. I heard somewhere that all things being done correctly on both sides of the arrangement, your work and booth presentation, their set up space and advertising, that you could expect 10x the both fee in sales. That does prove true for me.
  9. I am working on finding a base glaze that has a satin finish that I can use different oxides with to get different glazes. Do some oxides flux a glaze more that others? All my attempts at blue are coming out shiny. Does the iron in dark red and brown clays flux glazes that are used over them?
  10. Ray, I have noticed that same thing. I would expect my skills to get rusty after a layoff, but the opposite happens.
  11. Some of my clays seem slower to get to bone dry. Is that what you mean?
  12. Not a thing wrong with you, Pres, you are probably the teacher most of us wish we had. I had a wonderful, generous, giving, over worked first teacher, and it made all the difference. When I don't know what to do in a teaching situation in my studio, I always think, "What would he have done" and the answer is always the right thing to do.
  13. Yes, and the issue with it for me was the folds of cloth that drug the floor in the corners, I was constantly trying to tuck or tie it to something under the table for fear that someone would trip on it. I took a table cloth that is long enough to almost touch the floor on each side of the table, since mine sit out from the wall, and then cut the extra over hang at the ends to 2/3 the table width, Then used the big straight pins like Mea has to make a hospital corner on each end. . Looks very tidy and quick to set up. You would need to experiment bit with the exact amount to leave at the ends, enough to cross over each other and not leave a gap, and not so much that it won't be snug and lay flat. For price, you can't bet the unbleached muslin painter's drapes from Lowe's. comes in several sizes and is a quiet neutral oatmeal color. For the table where dark pots will go, I add a black diagonal cloth over that and it looks OK, since my shelves are black metal.
  14. Hi and hang in there :-) wish you could come visit for a few, I could let you try several clays and give you some throwing pointers. Is there a center near you that you could work in some to get the feel of different clays? I find them very different, and don't think LL is an easy first clay to use. I find Highwater's Brownstone and Redstone more user friendly. Ellen Buff is agreeable IF it doesn't arrive too wet.
  15. I just now watched the video, I was not amused by it at all. I don't understand the motive behind it. Was it to ridicule beginners, illustrate how 'boring' teaching is? I have been that beginner, and I hope I will never be that teacher. Every question the 'student ' asked was a valid one, I hear all those questions in my beginning wheel class. If the student already understood what he was trying to do, it wouldn't be a beginner class, for Pete's sake! If a teacher is that bored and condescending to her students questions, PLEASE, DON'T TEACH! You do the rest of us a disservice. I can laugh my head off when it's funny, but this wasn't
  16. Yes, Mark, buy a scale with a tare beam. I thought this scale came with the tare, the add implied that. I knew I wanted that feature. I have been unsuccessful with an e-bay return. TJR, that is exactly what I am struggling with, getting the scale to balance at zero with the container I want to use. Mark, I took Pres's advice and added lead fishing weights to the right end of the black beam, strung them together and found a groove in the bar to hang them from. It balances , sort of awkward, and not what I wanted, but will work. Thanks for the advice.
  17. TJ and Ray, if I do that, will I still be able to hang the weights for 500g and 1,000 g on the same little screws? Deisel, that thing in your picture is the thing I am missing.
  18. is there a way to add a tare beam to a triple beam balance without one? Add implied this item had tare, but after purchase, it does not . It has the knurled knob to balance out the empty scale, but no way to zero out any container used. Any good home made ideas? Thanks, I should have shopped longer.
  19. This is a full bucket, made a couple of years ago, It has changed it's behavior during the time I have been using it. ???
  20. Thanks, Neil, I will go work on it. This glaze was weirdly thick to begin with, I tried the sodium silicate to make it more fluid, but it did not seem to increase the liquidity of it any.
  21. I have a glaze that is too thick and adding water to it in the past made it thin in the final appearance, after firing, but still thick and gloppy, drippy, runs, when dipping. I watched the you tube videos on the subject, and let it settle, dipped off some water, (clear), and tried adding sodium silicate. I let it sit a couple of days , and then sieving it to 40 mesh. There were small rubbery bits all through it, but they did sieve out. It still is very thick in the bucket, finger marks stay on the surface. When it sits a day or 2, there is just a bit of water on the top and under that is it homogenous, very fluffy, no thicker in the bottom I/3 of the bucket at all. Do I add more sodium silicate, or now add some water? F4 feldspar 38 Whiting 14 Zinc Oxide 12 Ball Clay 6 Silica 30 copper carb 2 Bentonite 1 Thanks for any advice, I have used this glaze for years and just now had this problem.
  22. Why can't I find it? Saw the chocolate segment, but no coffee drinking, watch way too much bull riding but did not see mugs ???
  23. OOOOOOOOOH !!!! I am wowed by how much fun that site will be.
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