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  1. Pres, thanks for the reminder. I can pull 5 lbs.up to 18" but end up using water that I then scrape off with a thin metal rib, and a sponge on the inside bottom. And sometimes a heat gun. It would be great to just pull with less water.
  2. Well......on that topic, I have spent the last 2 months struggling to develop a new esthetic. as of yesterday, the greenware pieces have made me very happy. As of this AM , after unloading the bisque, with a 50% loss due, I think, to stress in the form, I am not so happy. Now I need to decide if I like the work well enough to continue to struggle with eliminating the stress without loosing the look. (Probably yes, but not today).
  3. There are a couple of self proclaimed "Master Potter's in my area. I know their work. SNORT.
  4. I think if you defloculate it, you will have less shrinkage , therefor less chance of cracking ???
  5. I like the "crap ton of 100 g batches". I am also doing a crap ton of 100 g batches.
  6. thanks, I think I will try dropping the rutile first, 5% 3%, then none. and see what happens there, then go on to cobalt in very small amounts in those same tests.
  7. I am testing the following glaze and would like it to be a bit more mint green, bluer side of light green. It is a great surface, but just a touch more yellow green than I am looking for. What changes do you recommend to get there? Add a 1/2 percent cobalt? The base is the Calcium semi matt from MC6G. 3195 22.2 wollastonite 21 neph sy 4.4 EPK 33.3 silica 18.8 I added copper carb 1.50 rutile 7.00 With the same base and cobalt 1.0, titanium diox 3.0, I got a strong sky blue, not what I want either. Thanks for any direction that will help me narrow down the testing, I am new at changing a glazes color.
  8. How do you store the long thin bisque coils when they are not in use to keep them from getting broken? I would think they are really easily broken.
  9. I have the 5" square Scott Creek, and it nearly drove me nuts until I figured out how to keep the center in the center. I put the die set up on the box end, and BEFORE I drop the plug of clay in the box, I sort of stand on my head, center the die and push lugs of clay up into the space that the clay will come out of. The plugs hold the center where it needs to be until the extruding clay pushes the plugs out. I guess you could cut come material that would be exactly the thickness of the wall measurement and that would work as well. I understand how irritating this is, and it took me a LONG time to get a system worked out that settled this problem. But now I get along well with it .
  10. Cones, self supporting, on every shelf, same location, 4 " right of thermocouple, about 5 " in from edge of shelf ,05 and 04.
  11. OK, I just unloaded the re fired bisque. With the vent running, and the following firing rates, 100*/hr to 200* no hold 150*/hr to 600) hold 30 min 200*/hr to 1650* hold 1 hour 100*/hr to 1920* hold 1 hour I got hot cone 03. middle was maybe an 02, I didn't have those cones to put in. Exactly what Neil said I would get, . With this same firing rate and no vent, I have been getting 05-04 for 3 years or more. WHY did the vent make it fire hotter? David it is on the side of the kiln, kiln is 7 years old. The TC doesn't look like either of those pics. has the tip showing with a 2 part ceramic tube covering the rest of it.
  12. I always use Self supporting cones. the TC is in a 2 part ceramic tube, it is the one the nearest Skutt dealer sells for this kiln. I have a new TC ordered, should have it first of the week. I'm headed to the studio to unload the test refire of the bisque, using the firing schedule I have always used, with the vent on. we'll see what those cones look like,, then make a plan.
  13. Oh, believe me, that is not something I will be messing with on my own. I have discussed both the bisque and glaze schedule I have been using a with a Skutt tec several times and he has not suggested calibrating the TC . He wants me to replace the TC and see what that does. Sounds like the calibration is something I can check by going through the menu of options where I checked the amps and volts, I will look at what other assessment option keys I have there. Very much electricity/computer and I am way over my head.
  14. How does a thermocouple get calibrated? Or become uncalibrated? I have ordered a new one. Will it be calibrated out of the box or is this something to do with the control board?
  15. Yes, It is. 4 ramps ,cone will come out between 05 hot and 04 cool 1-100*per hr.to 200* ,hold 2 hours 2-150*per hr. to600*, hold 30 ,minutes 3-200* per hr. to1650*,hold 1 hour 4-100* per hr. to 1920, hold 1 hour I use this with my work and also when I have heavy student pieces, If the work seem a bit damp, I add to the 1st ramp. I would like to go faster, but not risk loosing anything. Thanks for your help. The refire is cooling today, I will have info on cones tomorrow night after work.
  16. Aren't there some temp that need to be gone through more slowly than others? Like around 1,000* ? I have just enough knowledge on this for it to stump me.
  17. I have no need to fire at cone mode, just doing what the Skutt tec said I should try. I've done the ramp hold for years.
  18. In the effort to shorten the firing time, what temp is when the burnout occurs? One of the reasons why I have not been really interested in the cone fire mode is that with the ramp mode I've developed from many firings with cones I know what is happening in the kiln and have been able to adjust various things to get the cones like I want except for the cooler bottom. What I was looking for with adding the vent was more dependable use of the bottom shelf. I don't think I have glaze that need to be fired a cone cooler that I can put there. I'm wondering if I have simply fallen for some good advertising.
  19. I really understand the wish for a more social compartment of the forum, but some times, I come here in total desperation over a studio issue that I can't solve. I would be even more desperate if off topic silly stuff was mixed in to a thread where I was praying for some help. High Bridge, I think that you tube prediction for 2030 is dead on, and I fight it every chance I get. I will loose, but it helps a bit to think I went down fighting.
  20. Thanks, David and Neil, for you input. I am really frustrated by this, guess you can tell by this entry in the middle of the night. But after staring at the ceiling for the past hour, I think I am going to reload the under fired bisque, what can it hurt to refire it, using the ramp hold mode I have been using for years, put in the 04 , 05 cones ands see what that I get with the vent running. What has me so bumbed is the Skutt claim that the cone fire mode is put in, after many years of development on their part, to compensate for any variables and adjust to whatever to produce the correct cones. I was told yesterday that if the cone fire mode did not produce the correct cones, then the control board had gone bad. Whaaaat? After I run the programed ramp hold bisque firing with the vent, I will reevaluate. May have a slightly used vent system for sale, cheap. I've got to move forward, ware is stacking up in my studio, with nothing coming out the other end. Neil, you are right, 16 hours is too long, but I was given that program by a super cautious teacher with many years of experience, and I don't know where I can safely shorten it.
  21. The cone 04 fire mode if I understand it, is supposed to take care of whatever is needed to achieve the cone programed in for that program. The tramp hold bisque I have been using goesto1920 with an hour hold. The cone fire went to 1945 with no hold.
  22. Thanks you for your replies. The TC is not worn, has about 20 firings on it, and the previous test fire to 04 with out the vent and my own ramp hold program was pretty accurate except for the cool bottom. By the way, 3 different Skutt tecs assured me the vent would even out the heat. and the under fired load with the vent on was noticeably more even. top to bottom, just under fired. I have ordered a new TC anyway. I am at a loss as to how to move forward with the vent. I guess I could run a junk load of old cracked stuff and lots of shelves and posts to simulate a load, and do the Ramp Hold program for glazing that I am used to running , put in plenty of test cones and see what they end up like. I REALLY don't want to offer up a glaze load of good ware to the question. OR; I could re load the underfired bisque with plenty of 04 , 05, 06 cones and run the ramp-hold bisque program I'm used to running, forget the cone fire mode, and see what I get. Which would you do?
  23. I just followed the installation instructions in the manual. test fire was to 04 not 6.my error.
  24. If I understand the question,yes I ran a bisque at cone fire mode at the Skutt tec's request before he suggested the vent purchase. He wanted to see what that results was as a check of the kiln function. Cones were 6 except for the cooler bottom. He felt the vent would do what I was hoping for. This under fire is nothing I was expecting.
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