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  1. Geeze, why didn't I think of drilling new holes? I love it when the best answer is the most simple.
  2. finally have cell service that will support the new smart phone, so when holiday work load slows down next month, I will work on posting pics. AND can now have a FB page!
  3. In this case , it's big fish in a little pond, an illusion at best .Bigger ponds probably have bigger fish.
  4. Chris, the wholesale and custom designed part is the 'new'. I make mugs and soup bowls with stamped designs on them ,but the stamps are smaller than this would need to be for readability, and the roundness of the piece is not a factor in ease of stamping cleanly, I am ok with a variety of ways to get where I'm going, but interested in input on the most efficient way.
  5. I'm considering accepting an offer to do some custom beer steins for a local pub. They have a logo they want me to put on them and are happy to have many different styles, colors designs. We agree they would be a wholesale order, 50% up front, Total payment on delivery. And a small batch to start with. My question is, what is the most efficient way to get the logo on them? It is round and I can make a stamp, have a stamp made, or stamp each letter in with alphabet stamps I have. Is the round shape going to make getting a round stamp on them harder? Then, how to glaze? RIO in stamped impression, then wax and dip? This is a new direction for me, I'm tempted, but would be happy to learn from other's experiences. Thanks.
  6. Around here, the judge spends the night in the home of the best friend or spouse of the winners, who also hangs the shows, so I don't think the awards mean much. I am more gratified when someone purchases a special piece as a wedding gift, or for some memorable person in their lives. That lifts my potter's spirits more that a bought and paid for award.
  7. Didn't I read somewhere here someone recommending using , rubber bands? or ???? around the pins if the bat holes are worn? I have a bat system, with a square for smaller inserts to go in and the holes on the base have worn. so I'm interested in this.
  8. The hot wax reference was about getting the bottoms waxed so as to not have glaze when dipped. These little dudes ,I just set in and then out of the skillet. very QUICK, therefore cheeeeeper to sell. Little things must be really efficient for me to do. just set in the wax for a second. the hot waxed bottoms shed glaze so well I never touch them again, no clean up of bottoms at all.
  9. 4" round ruffled edge small bowls, pressed nto foam with a tennis ball, stamped with a simple design, work as spoon rests . I found crinkled edged cutters in a set at Sur La Table, I have used them for everything. with the hot wax, it is now not a problem to have not flat or smooth bottom edges.
  10. I agree that force drying is an invitation to disaster. I'm hoping for steady drying, even when the weather is working against that. I am still wrapping rims and handles, changing sheets, putting things on racks for even exposure. So far, so good. When I went in to the studio this AM, the thing was running. as the morning went on, it kicked off. Now is has clouded over and we are expecting rain the rest of the day, and it is back on. I think I like it!
  11. How fortunate that you are near a group of that caliber. I am envious.
  12. After 4 days, it seems to be running at night, I pour out about a cup of water each morning.,and kicking off during the dryer day light hours. Things are slowly and steadily drying, so I guess it is a good things. But a gauge is a good idea, I will look for one. Thanks for the ideas.
  13. My best therapy is a large exercise ball that I sit on and then roll backward to open up the front of my body after working with it closed all day. it supports my back while I lay arched backwards until both head and legs are lower that my belt. Be careful getting up, and you might want a couch or door frame for support until you get the hang of it. When I stand up, I feel 6" taller. I also see a chiropractor when needed, and get regular massage from a person good with body mechanics. For aches in hands and arms, I use DMSO as needed. Magic juice.
  14. We have really variable weather here, and I've invested in a small de-humidifier to help with drying ware in high humidity times. I am wondering how much I can use the unit to hurry drying without having cracking, shrinkage, warping issues. Do I only run it when it is soggy? Or can I use it to facilitate forced drying ? Yesterday in the rain, I pulled a quart of water out of the studio air in 2 hours with the machine turned on high ! I have read here of some people saying they can throw in the morning, trim that afternoon and bisque the next day. That sounds wonderful . I don't ever have that, even in our dryer times. For those who do this quick turn around, do you wrap things that have lots of joins or handles? or wrap handles and leave the rest of the pot exposed? Is the low humidity ever a problem, or is it always a blessing? It has occurred to me that I could have a studio in Arizona, while the rest of the property is in the soggy south ! So do I want this, or am I tampering with trouble ? Should add, the machine has a sensor that will make it kick on at whatever range I set it, desert or swamp.
  15. go to Google images and put in 'hand made ceramic bowls', then look at ways that people do what you do, differently than you do it. ??
  16. My 2nd kiln will be the 18" tall. Older I get , shorter I am!
  17. When I got my 7 cubic ft. Skutt, it was huge, it immediately started shrinking, and several years later, it is TINY. BUT, it has also gotten deeper, if you get my drift. Go Mas!
  18. I've had it for 4 years, and never had a problem before, but I have not been using any lube on it. I got it because of the big pan and removable had. Studio stays much cleaner. and ALL trimming go into pugger!
  19. What I deserve, I guess, I've never lubed it, and it didn't come with a Manuel
  20. I've been wiggling like mad, and reversing the direction and wiggle some more. Will try WD40, wonder how I'm going to get it to the right place?
  21. Those of you with the Thomas Stuart wheels, have you ever not been able to get the head off to remove the pan? I've had the wheel a few years and take it off often, but today, IT AIN'T COMING OFF! I did call Skutt, they said ,"Try Harder". Any thoughts?
  22. I like the thought of putting them out on fence posts, but they all have my name stamped on them. If they are too awful to sell, I don't want to be remembered by them! How do I get the name off?
  23. Lots of info in the 'failures', so I keep them around until I feel like I have learned what they have to say.
  24. Care to identify brands? I have some hard panning issues with the Mid-South enviro-colors, but enough Epsom Salts fixes it, needs to redone a 2nd time usually.
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