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  1. Hi Roselle, I am originally from KY, went to EKU. have you taken your son to Berea Ky? it is a real artist's town and there are many good potters there. The Ky Artisan's center off I75 at Berea is a wonderful place filled with outstanding pottery.
  2. I tried that hvlp gun and despised it. it took 3 hands to do anything with it. I am back to my old Paashe, a workhorse, the old all metal one. When it dies, I don't know what I will choose.
  3. I called it a stool, but it is really a bench . They come regular chair width or extra wide,so that one side is on the bathroom floor and the other is in the tub,tub side has big rubber cup feet to prevent sipping. Very stable. I guess there are more old folks in the South,because the resales stores here almost always have one. Google 2nd hand hospital supplies in your area .??
  4. Do you think it's that particular clay,or any really dark clays that will have the bloating problem ?
  5. A friend got the Strong Arm tool, loves it. But she already had major throwing skills. Arthritis was catching up,though.
  6. I got a couple of boxes of this ,looking for a dark brown clay. It is rated cone 4-6. The suppliers said it might bloat at hot 6. He said dark clays were more likely to do this. Do you use Standard 266 and what is your experience ?
  7. No,I use a stool made for handicap people getting in and out of a bath tub. It tilts, is adjustable height and has a broad seat which helps not having pressure points . Best part , it was 5$ at the 2nd had store.. they are there often. Best wheel seat ever. I REALLY believe in the tilt.
  8. When you say check it with cones,I think I did that. The cones in for the first firing with this new TC were one 5,the firing schedule I use normally gives me cone six. I need to run a glaze load tomorrow morning. I'm guessing and adding 10* to the peak temp with the same firing rate. I've got cones in, we will see. The 1/2 cone cooler left several of my glazes blah.
  9. That is super for a first show. I love your horses. either you have a very good eye, or you are a horseman,(a horseperson always knows when the artist really knows the subject, otherwise it just doesn't work for us equine nuts ). The comments are spot on from my sales experiences. Keep everything as neutral as possible to be only a backdrop for your work. Lights help LOTS. I would love to be in an area where I could have a solid market for equine work, it's my first love.
  10. I have the small PP, LOVE it. It needs to be full to work, otherwise it just spins, doesn't mix. I would not want any bigger. What you get needs to fit your usage. I never empty or clean it, I got the stainless. $$$$ but worth every penny.r
  11. I have replaced the thermocouple several times in the 8 years I have had my Skutt 1027. this last replacement, the kiln fired about 1/2 cone cooler. Never happened before. (Elements and relays are fairly new, a few firings on them. ) Any ideas why?
  12. My students are asking for an opportunity to make some pendants type things for Christmas gifts. I don't have a bead tree or anything to hang the pieces when glaze firing. What can we do to the backs of the pendants that will keep them from being 'necked clay' but still allow them to lay flat for firing? I am OK with putting these small pieces on cookies to keep the edges up off the kiln shelf, but want a way to add color to the backs. Any suggestions? I have a large collection of underglazes and various oxides to make 'stuff' with.
  13. Frankie, what are those cute little things on your square bats? I, too, use that system from Euclids , with bisque tiles from Lowe's. BUT it took me a bit to stop grinding off my ring finger nail on the bisque tile. When it has slip on it, you don't even notice that your are down to the quick until you clean up for the day and have no nail left!!
  14. Neil, does that mean I might saved this full bucket of poorly behaved glaze by making ,say, 1,000G of the dry recipe and adding it to the bucket, and then more water?
  15. Pres, those are the tools I have been using, that are giving me melt- back- together cuts. What am I doing wrong?
  16. Clay is CHEEEEP, I used to do horses! Pug mills cost less than a good saddle .
  17. Have you had any luck cutting extruder dies from salvaged plastic cutting boards? I have seen some used on You Tube, but my efforts to cut the ones I've been collecting aren't going anywhere. The plastic is melting back together behind the saw, yes, I have tried lube and cutting slower, didn't help. Other times I have had the materials crack.
  18. The clay is wonderfully creamy and evenly damp. What I do is cut my pugs for the poundage I want and then turn them side wise on the wedging table, or sometimes just at the wheel, on the bat, and give them 3-4 quick wedges, to break up the spiral from the pugger. I had been trying to throw with the pugs standing up on end, like a soup can,and they throw BEAUTIFULLY that way, but I was getting too many S cracks. There was a topic on this and several people do throw that way with good bottom results, but I haven't been able to overcome the cracks. Wish I could. I think from that thread that Mea might have been one who did with good results. For HB, I just flatten the pug on one side a bit with my fist and throw it in the slab roller. I do rotate it several time as I roll it to the thinness I want. I don't have any warping problems with that method.
  19. This topic always makes my head spin! Can a glaze get so messed up ,flocculated-deflocculated ,that you have to trash it and start over?
  20. I have a glaze that is super gelled, it won't dry on the pots and won't run off the hot waxed bottom. I have tried taking the standing water off the top and adding sodium silicate, but it doesn't get any runnier. Add MORE Sodium silicate? What would be the results of adding too much SS?
  21. I have a stainless Peter Pugger,de airing. Makes beeeeuuutiful clay. It's the smallest one. Holds 25 lbs. EVERYTHING goes in it. Reclaim, new clay to condition, all scraps. I never empty it and don't clean it. It is easy to use. Without it, I would not be doing pottery today. Much cheaper than carple tunnel surgery. I love it.
  22. Are you using this glaze from MC6 ? I do and it always looks dull and where it is thin, an ugly dark gray, not what the book shows. On white clay it is better, but not the color the book shows. Other glazes from that book I get good results with.. I do a slow cool and have tried it on several different clays. How does yours look and what could I do to get the true color?
  23. Pres, it is stoneware. If I wait until the added pieces are leather hard, they won't bend enough to wrap around the form. I am going to try shaping, bending them over plaster hump molds to firm up some. They might firm up some with the bend dried into them. I used slip made with magic waer. Does that make sense?
  24. Pres, the base forms, thrown tall things, are fine it is the wheel thrown add ons that are cracking . It it difficult to apply them firmly enough with out deforming the texture, and the cracks are in exactly the same place on each. Where they were flexed the most. I am going to try again and look for ways to work around that.
  25. One of my students bought the 1/2 hp Pacifica ( don't know the name)against my suggestions to go for a sturdier wheel. Price was her comment. I have thrown on it and would not own it. I used an OLD Brent for a long time and upgraded to the 1 hp Thomas Stuart a few years ago. the pedal response alone would be a deciding factor for me. The Pacifica's pedal is wishy washy.
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